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Introducing Qualaroo for Mobile Web – Understand What Your Mobile Visitors Want

It’s here! The newest addition to our lineup of products to help you understand what your visitors are really trying to accomplish, this time on their phones—meet Qualaroo for Mobile Web.

It’s no secret that mobile is a big part of our daily lives; Google reports that 38% of our screen time is spent on our phones. And when you think about it, what we do on our phones is often very different from what we do on our desk- or laptop. Still, most surveys are built exclusively for the desktop experience, and most users are only surveyed via email, when they’re not on their devices.  That is until today.

Qualaroo for Mobile Web is the first survey of its kind, designed from the ground up to be a seamless end user experience that helps you gain valuable insights on this fast-growing yet poorly understood segment of your user base. Now you can hear from each and every user, regardless of the device used to access your site while they’re in the moment. This new release allows mobile users to stay on task and painlessly submit feedback without having to pinch and zoom.


There’s no better time to collect feedback than in the moment. And by keeping the focus on the end user experience, we’ve designed a survey that works for both mobile visitors and site owners like you.

To celebrate the launch of Qualaroo for Mobile Web we’re offering two free months when you sign up for a yearly Mobile Web subscription. That’s $100 off the annual price. You can add it to any Professional, Enterprise or Convert plan. If you’re interested–contact us at +1 (650) 762-9592 now to get set up. If you want to see it for yourself, visit qualaroo.com/mobile or start your free 14-day trial now.

Start learning what matters most to your mobile users with Qualaroo for Mobile Web. Here’s our full press release on the announcement.

New Mobile Survey from Qualaroo Helps Marketers Understand the Needs of Visitors on Any Device

The First Survey Built Explicitly for the Mobile Web; Offers Unprecedented Visibility into the Intentions and Experiences of the Mobile Web Visitor

SAN MATEO, CA – September 17, 2013 – Qualaroo, a leader in software that helps marketers answer critical questions about their website visitors, has launched Qualaroo for Mobile Web, a new mobile survey product that makes it easy to understand what mobile visitors are trying to accomplish, right from the device.

This latest addition to the Qualaroo lineup allows marketers and website owners to tap into insights from a critical and growing portion of their daily audience. In fact, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyer’s Internet Trends report shows that people spend as much time on their mobile device as they do listening to the radio–but until now, there was no mobile-friendly solution to collect feedback from mobile web visitors in real time, while on their devices.

In a recent survey conducted by Qualaroo, 89% of professionals responsible for the mobile web experiences of their companies said that they cannot or do not target surveys specifically to mobile visitors. However, 61% of the same group agreed that a mobile web user’s needs differ from those of their desktop counterparts. When marketers know what mobile visitors want to accomplish, they can tailor their mobile website to meet those needs, increasing user satisfaction and performance of their mobile sites.

Qualaroo for Mobile Web was designed from the ground up to create the best experience possible for the end user and reflects the company’s commitment to making inflow surveys as seamless as possible, no matter the device. While other mobile survey options take people off-task to a new browser tab to answer the survey, Qualaroo surveys are designed to keep the user “on task” and “on page” via an unobtrusive, opt-in survey overlay.

“Our products always start with delivering a positive end-user experience while helping our customers better understand their visitors. Adding mobile to our product line significantly enhances our ability to deliver on that promise,” said Sean Ellis, Qualaroo co-founder and CEO. “When you know what people want to accomplish on your mobile site, you can tailor it to better support those needs, increasing user satisfaction and the business value of your mobile website at the same time.”

The new mobile survey is already in use by companies who participated in a private beta, including U.S. News & World Report and YaSabe.com. Yasabe, a local search destination catering to US Hispanic, has more than 50% of its traffic coming from mobile devices and the company uses Qualaroo for Mobile Web to better understand the specific needs of Hispanic consumers.

“Our users have grown increasingly mobile in a very short period of time,” said Marisela Montenegro, Marketing Manager for YaSabe. “They use their mobile devices to search, shop and redeem coupons. With more than half our users coming to YaSabe via mobile, it’s critical to us to understand what they need, and Qualaroo for Mobile Web helps us gather that information effectively.”

Qualaroo for Mobile Web is:

  • Adaptive to the type of device where the survey is shown. The survey knows when it’s on a mobile or tablet device vs. a desktop and serves the appropriate survey experience.

  • Designed from the ground up for mobile devices. The size, format, and interactions are all carefully constructed with the mobile user’s needs and experience in mind, including: over-sized buttons, single click answers, and simple text fields.

  • The first survey for smartphones that doesn’t take the user “off-task” by showing the survey in a separate mobile browser tab. As the pioneers of the unobtrusive, in-flow survey for desktop, we extended this functionality to the smartphone with an elegant overlay that the user must opt-in to take.

Learn more about Qualaroo for Mobile Web here: https://qualaroo.com/app-feedback-software/


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