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Announcing Nudge – Influence Behavior while Generating Insights

Announcing Nudge – Influence Behavior while Generating Insights

We’re happy to announce a new initiative at Qualaroo that will help you increase the value of your survey interactions.

It is called Nudge, which is a personalized prompt at the end of a survey that encourages an action such as signing up, trying a feature or becoming a paying customer.  The targeting is personalized based on a user’s response to a survey question.

About.me Increases Signups with Qualaroo

While this initiative was inspired by several of our customers, About.me probably played the most important role. Ryan Fujiu, who runs user engagement and growth at About.me, says that 20% of all new user signups are now a direct result of Qualaroo.

New visitors to an About.me profile are asked: “Would like your own About.me page?” This prompt is currently triggered after a new visitor is on the profile for 10 seconds.

Ryan tested multiple variations of this prompt and this was the one that worked the best. He credits the big boost in signups to the ability to control the timing of Qualaroo: “When you ask for something, timing is everything.”  With Qualaroo, he could target the prompt after the user had been on the profile for a while.

He also liked that he was able to do all of the experimentation without bothering his developers.  He explains: “once the code snippet was on the page, I could experiment until I found something that worked really well.”

Nudge Now Available for All

Ryan and several other innovators wanted to be able to control the prompt depending on a user’s response to a survey question.  This functionality is now supported in several predefined Nudges and we plan to eventually roll it out more generally.

There are now five predefined formats available.  For example, you can ask users if they would recommend your service.  If they say yes, you can prompt them to tweet about your service.  If they say no, they are thanked for their feedback.  If you don’t like the exact wording, you can edit the question.

We plan to publish many new formats over the next several weeks.  Currently the following are available:

  • Drive New Signups – Create a campaign to prompt sign ups after a threshold of usage is reached on your website
  • Increase Product Usage – Highlight important features to users who haven’t yet tried them to increase engagement
  • Grow Email List – Collect email addresses to deliver special offers and promotions straight to the inbox
  • Get Recommendations on Twitter – Get users who love you to recommend you on Twitter
  • Recruit Usability Testers – Recruit visitors for a usability test in real-time

For now you can use it as part of your existing Qualaroo plan and we eventually plan to offer Nudge as an add-on service. If you already have the Qualaroo code on your site, click here to try Nudge.  Otherwise, sign up to try Nudge for free.

What other Nudges would you like to see?  Add them below as a comment or email me directly at sean@qualaroo.com .

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