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25+ Essential Lead Generation Tools Your Business Needs Now

25+ Essential Lead Generation Tools Your Business Needs Now

One of the reasons to invest in the best lead generation tools is to get quality leads. These quality leads improve conversions and help to build a loyal customer base.

So, do lead generation tools help to get high-quality customers? Yes! But they can do much more.

They can streamline the entire process to prevent miscommunication and funnel leaks. Because if you cannot nurture the incoming leads, then it’s all for naught.

That’s why we have crafted this extensive lead generation tools list to make it easier for you to compare and choose the right one for your business.

This list contains various tool types with different features to attract, warm up, nurture, and manage leads and customers. Here’s what we have added for each tool:

  • Features
  • Best for (Lead generation method)
  • Suitable for (Business type)
  • Pricing

So, take out your list of requirements and find the best lead-generation tools that fit your business. Yes! You may need more than one. 🙂

What Is a Lead Generation Tool?

Lead generation tools help to capture the contact information of target prospects for the marketing and sales teams.

Depending on the channels at your disposal, different tools provide particular lead generation techniques and features to engage the target audience and push them into the pipeline.

Here are some lead generation examples:

  • Qualaroo provides lead-generation surveys to capture visitor contact data.
  • Picreel uses pop-up overlays to show the lead generation form to the website visitors.d
  • Datanyze has a database of over 120 million contacts to help find the right prospects based on the criteria.
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Types of the Lead Generation Tools

There are several ways to prospect for new customers and thus different types of tools for lead generation, such as:

CRO and on-page lead generation tools: These tools employ targeted methods like pop-ups, forms, and widgets to attract website visitors and generate leads.

  • Qualaroo
  • ProProfs Survey Maker
  • Hotjar
  • Typeform
  • Hello bar
  • Picreel
  • Leadfeeder
  • Optinmonster
  • HotJar
  • Trustmary

Outbound Lead Generation Tools: Outbound lead generation is perfect for cold and mass outreach campaigns, these tools let you design and send mail campaigns to capture and nurture leads.

  • MailShake
  • Acquire
  • Intercom
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Constant Contact

Lead Prospecting Tools: Lead prospecting tools automatically find leads through their databases based on the demographic and technographic conditions filters.

  • Datanyze
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Buzzstream
  • Uplead

Social Media Lead Generation Tools: These tools let you engage people on social media platforms and capture new leads.

  • Hootsuite

CRM / Lead Management Tools: Though CRMs are not lead-generation tools, they are a critical part of the process. These tools help qualify, nurture, and track leads across the pipeline.

  • BigContacts
  • Keap CRM
  • Hubspot
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce

25+ Best Lead Generation Tools to Use in 2024

Here’s the list of the top lead generation tools to help you grow your customer base and bring in more profits:

1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is among the best tools for lead generation and CRO to convert website visitors into high-quality prospects. The platform lets you create personalized surveys and lead generation forms to capture data from prospects on your website, app, social media, and other channels. You can leverage advanced targeting options to deploy the lead form at the right time based on visitors’ actions and behavior. Plus, it lets you channel the leads directly to your CRM tools like Salesforce and Intercom to start qualifying them into the pipeline.

Best for: Survey, lead forms, on-site polls, behavioral insights

Suited for: Small to big enterprises

Integrations: Yes

Price: Starts at $69/month billed annually

How to Use Qualaroo as Your Lead Generation Platform?

  • Add a lead form at the start or end of the surveys to generate new leads.
  • Create fully-fledged lead forms for your landing page CTAs.
  • Leverage multiple question types, 70+ survey languages, and skip logic to collect in-depth data from the target audience.
  • Choose how, when, and who to target with each survey and lead form using advanced targeting options.
  • Offers AI-powered sentiment analysis to track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses and free-form answers.
  • Integrate with tools like Slack and Salesforce to collate the lead data, automate workflows, and plan follow-ups to nurture them into clients.

G2 Ratings: 4.4

Customer Reviews:

“Great advanced targeting functionality. Advanced targeting helps us personalize surveys for better engagement with our target audience. We tried a different tool before but it didn’t help us focus on our main audience. But with Qualaroo, we can collect feedback from the people we actually wanted to listen to and avoid unsuitable respondents.”

2. Picreel

Picreel leverages pop-up overlays to engage online visitors. You can target visitor behavior to generate leads. It lets you create interactive pop-ups for discounts, limited-time deals, sales, and other offers to capture the lead data. The tool is perfect for targeting existing visitors and collecting their contact information. Then you can re-target these visitors using outbound marketing campaigns to push these leads into the conversion funnel and convert them into customers.

Best For: On-page lead generation, surveys, and lead forms

Suited For: Small to big enterprises

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $39.97 per month billed annually

How to Generate Leads Using Picreel?

  • Design personalized offers to engage visitors and collect lead information.
  • Use pop-up overlays to display customized offers based on visitors’ behavior, actions, and position on the page.
  • Leverage pop-up overlays to collect data from leaving visitors.
  • Target visitors based on demographics, visitor type, referral site, and other parameters to maximize engagement.
  • Track the performance of your lead generation pop-ups with the in-depth analytics dashboard.
  • Provides integration APIs to send the lead data to your workspace tools.

G2 Ratings: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

“Perfect Lead Generation Tool! All the features of Picreel are perfect. Ever since we subscribed to the tool, our business growth graph has shown a consistent upward trend, and we have witnessed a significant increase in leads, conversions, and sales as well.”

3. ProProfs Survey Maker

Another top lead generation tool, ProProfs Survey Maker, is designed to engage the target audience using surveys, forms, questionnaires, and scored quizzes. The platform offers several features like skip logic, multiple question types, and scoring mechanisms to personalize the lead forms and make them more immersive. Moreover, the tool features one of the most detailed reporting sections to help you analyze the lead data quickly.

Best For: Surveys, polls, quizzes, scored surveys, web forms, and sidebar form

Suited For: Small to big enterprises

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month billed annually

How Can You Generate Leads With the Survey Maker?

  • Use the drag-&-drop editor to create beautiful web forms, quizzes, sidebar forms, assessments, and more in minutes.
  • Use 100+ beautiful templates to create lead forms and quizzes to generate leads.
  • Send the lead forms via mail, embed them on your website, and share them via social media to maximize ROI.
  • Prompt the website visitors to leave contact data with fun and immersive scored quizzes.
  • Add a sidebar lead or contact form on your website.
  • Generate presentation-ready reports to analyze and share the lead data.
  • Integrate with your CRM tools, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zendesk, to send across lead data and build prospect lists.

G2 Ratings: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

“Pleasantly Surprised! It does it all. Pleased with how easy it was to set up and use. The ability to import existing questionnaires made it a piece of cake. We used this software to get customer feedback for key applications we use and just introduced. Working in IT, the customer feedback form in our Ticketing System was very basic and unattractive to use. ProProfs has proven to be a good alternative.”

4. Phonexa

Phonexa is an enterprise-grade tracking software for performance, affiliate, and partner marketing, meticulously crafted to translate marketing efforts into optimized business growth. Phonexa’s capabilities extend far beyond merely tracking call data and optimizing campaigns. The platform’s ability to optimize every interaction and touchpoint accelerates the journey from lead generation to closure.

Best for: Advanced lead generation and management, pay-per-call, integrating call, web lead tactics.

Suited for: Small to Big Business

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $100 monthly

How To Generate Leads With Phonexa

  • Phonexa captures leads using customized call campaigns and targeted web forms.
  • It utilizes advanced tracking and analytics to monitor lead behavior and preferences.
  • Information gathered helps refine marketing strategies for more effective targeting.
  • Phonexa integrations allow to streamline lead nurturing.
  • The platform helps to engage potential customers at every step of their journey.

G2 Rating : 4.9 out of 5

Customer Reviews

Phonexa’s customer reviews commend its ability to optimize lead management and conversion rates. Many highlight the platform’s significant improvements to marketing ROI, thanks to its advanced analytics and automation. Its user-friendly interface and robust integration capabilities are also highly valued, making it a top choice for marketers aiming to enhance their strategies.

5. HubSpot


Calling HubSpot just a CRM tool undermines its potential as a one-stop lead generation and management software. It’s a cloud-based solution that provides a complete suite of marketing, automation, lead management, customer service, and content marketing tools. You can use each tool independently or work on them simultaneously to bring in new customers and nurture the leads as they move along the sales funnel.

Best For: Lead management, email marketing, website builder, social media tracking, customer service options

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $450/month billed annually

Here’s Why HubSpot Makes the List of the Best Lead Generation Tools?

  • Build beautiful landing pages and web forms using the visual builder to improve website traffic and gain quality leads.
  • Create, post, and manage content on social media from Hubspot’s dashboard.
  • Design personalized drip email campaigns to target your prospects and nurture the leads.
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns to schedule follow-ups.
  • Automate workflows across HubSpot’s tools to streamline the sales process.
  • Assign tasks to teams, score leads, schedule meetings, track communications, bulk manage the data, and more.
  • Integrate with other workspace tools to set up bidirectional data sync.

G2 Ratings: 4.4

Customer Reviews:

“An effective tool that is simple to use and completely integrated with CRM. With over a decade of experience in Customer Success, I’ve tried and tested multiple tools. However, I must say that Hubspot stands out as a powerful resource for driving effective onboarding, customer support, account management, and overall success actions. Even though their marketing efforts may not highlight this aspect of the platform, it certainly offers remarkable capabilities when it comes to communication across different teams, ease of implementation and scalability.”

6. Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a relatively simple lead generation tool compared to others on the list. It utilizes static website bars and floating modals to draw visitors’ attention and redirect them to lead and survey forms. With a range of customizations and targeting options, you can personalize the notifications pop-ups to target the right audience based on their on-site behavior. It also provides built-in A/B testing capabilities to help you experiment and optimize different pop-up types and messages on your website.

Best For: Sticky Bars and banners on the website

Suited For: Small to medium businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month

How Does Hello Bar Act as a Lead Generation Tool?

  • Use widgets to add unobtrusive sticky banners on your website.
  • Customize the message and CTA on the bar to maximize visitors’ actions.
  • Prompt visitors to subscribe to the mailing list and fill out forms to collect new leads.
  • Add product announcements to attract customers and increase conversions.
  • Add incentives, such as free pdf, ebooks, or discounts to motivate people to fill out the lead forms.
  • Use geo-targeting to target specific audiences from desired locations.

G2 Ratings: 3.5

Customer Reviews:

“You can easily select the templates and create beautiful popups for the website. Great thing is you don’t need to be a programmer. We have created hello bars and pop up for our web pages and we are able to capture the leads. Best thing about this tool is how simple it is to use, even a person new to digital marketing domain can use it. And the stats it provides are truly amazing, you can basically create filters or conditions so that your popup appears on specific pages. And there is an option to show it to users who are about to leave the website, which I think is amazing.”

7. Typeform


Typeform’s conversational form design makes it a fitting addition to the best lead generation tools list. This CRO and lead generation tool lets you create engaging surveys and lead forms to collect visitors’ information. You can leverage skip logic and media questions to collect highly personalized data sets. What’s more, the in-depth shareable reports and integration APIs let you make the most out of your lead data to channel those insights into your acquisition and retention efforts.

Best For: Survey forms and quizzes

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $25 per month billed annually

How Does Typeform Help in Generating Leads?

  • Create lead forms and engaging quizzes to collect data from website visitors.
  • Leverage conditional logic to design personalized lead forms to ask follow-up questions for in-depth data insights.
  • Add the lead form to your website, share it on social platforms, and email it to your prospect list.
  • Integrate with Slack, Mailchimp, and other tools to export the data to your CRM tool and convert the leads.
  • Offers AI-based chatbot widget for recommending products, generating leads, and more.

G2 Ratings: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

“Effortless and Engaging. One of the standout features of Typeform is its ability to create interactive and conversational surveys. The logic jumps and conditional branching allowed me to customize the survey experience based on respondents’ answers, making the process more personalized and engaging. Typeform provided an effortless and engaging platform for creating surveys and capturing valuable insights.”

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8. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing and lead management tool that offers email marketing, survey forms, social ads, and A/B testing capabilities to build your marketing campaign. It’s the perfect solution for outbound marketing to bring new prospects into your pipeline. What’s great about Mailchimp is you can get started for free and upgrade to a premium plan as you scale up your mail campaigns. You can also create custom workflows to trigger automatic emails based on customer behavior to push them to the end of the conversion funnel.

Best For: Email and social marketing, lead forms

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $9.25 per month

How to Generate New Leads Using Mailchimp?

  • Use the visual builder and pre-built templates to design engaging email outreach campaigns.
  • Publish posts on social media and create ad campaigns to retarget visitors.
  • Set automated follow-up emails to convert leads into customers.
  • Leverage behavioral targeting to auto-send messages based on visitors’ actions, like a welcome message or product recommendations.
  • Add lead forms to your website’s sidebar and footer to collect lead data. 
  • Merge your contacts from all channels into the in-built Mailchimp CRM.
  • Easily integrates with LiveChat, Zapier, and other tools.

G2 Ratings: 4.4

Customer Reviews:

“An all in one solution for your email marketing. The best part of MailChimp is that it instantly sends emails once triggered by the admin. Also, the automation is very useful in sending emails and creating leads. Mailchimp is a convenient marketing tool. Especially, for small businesses that have less human capital to do things. The automation it provides helped our business to grow more.”

9. Mailshake


Mailshake is another top lead generation tool that employs email outreach strategies to grow your customer base. It offers a plethora of personalization and targeting options for designing cold mail campaigns to prospect, qualify and nurture the leads. You can create automated personalized campaigns across phone, email, Linkedin, and other social channels and manage them under a single dashboard. You can find anyone’s email address via reverse email lookup tools. The tool also provides A/B testing capabilities to compare and optimize the performance of your mail campaigns.

Best For: Email outreach, cold emails

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month billed annually

How Does Mailshake Help in Generating Leads?

  • Send bulk outreach emails to your contact list and generate new leads from replies.
  • Nurture prospects using drip mail campaigns and convert them to your customers.
  • View and manage your entire marketing campaigns from one screen.
  • Other features include ready-made email templates, personalization options, alerts, an inbuilt phone dialer, automated lead status management, and mail status monitoring.
  • Easily integrate with other CRM tools like Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce. 

G2 Ratings: 4.7

Customer Reviews:

“The ease of use of the product. Of all the mail sequencing products, this one is the easiest and most intuitive. The ability to have a prospect in more than one sequence at the same time. They recommend changes to email content to increase deliverability. You get great support from them. Automation of email sequences so that sales reps do not have to manually create emails or remember to send a follow-up email if the prospect did not respond to the first email.”

10. Acquire


With Acquire, you get all-in-one customer engagement and lead generation software for your business. It offers an integrated omni-channel approach to help build a satisfying conversational experience for the customers. This unified chat and video platform lets you offer customer support and engage new visitors across various channels. You can design custom rules based on visitor behavior and demographics to greet new visitors and turn them into prospects. Plus, you can automatically redirect incoming chats and calls to free up your agents and focus on closing the deals.

Best For: Email and SMS marketing, Live chat and call

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $500 per month billed annually

What Makes Acquire a One-Stop Solution for All Your Lead Generation Needs?

  • Acquire makes it possible to connect your customers via multiple platforms.
  • Engage your visitors via SMS, call, live chat, and emails to collect valuable information and find new prospects.
  • Keep things neat and clean by unifying all communications channels into a single dashboard.
  • Integrate with Zendesk, Shopify, Zapier, and other tools to export captured leads and manage them accordingly.

G2 Ratings: 4.2

Customer Reviews:

“Simple way to connect to your customers. Everything a small businesses needs to connect via the website and enhance customer experice. Team management, Knowledge base, chatbot, chat conversations.”

11. BigContacts


Even the best lead-generation tools are only helpful when you have a comprehensive management system. Enters BigContacts! It’s a powerful CRM and sales management tool to manage customer relationships and prospects. You can build a centralized contact management system, schedule meetings, track contact history, and manage pipelines to engage leads and turn them into customers. It is a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized companies that want to fix conversion funnel leaks to reduce lead mismanagement.

Best For: CRM, email marketing

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $5 per user per month billed annually

How to Use BigContacts to Streamline Lead Management?

  • Import your prospects to BigContacts via spreadsheet, email, forms, and webhooks.
  • Organize your contacts based on activity, opportunity, or last interaction to improve management.
  • Design automated drip mail campaigns to nurture the leads.
  • Configure automated emails based on the prospect’s position in the conversion funnel, actions, and behavior.
  • Use detailed reports to track your lead campaign’s progress and sales activity.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other tools, such as Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Google Contacts.

G2 Ratings: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

“CRM with great automation capabilities. Automated workflows with recurring task with highly beneficial. We can define triggers for automated actions. It is also possible to set reminders for specific task and deliver them to the people involved. A lot of time for our team has been freed up since we switched to BIGContacts. Instead of performing repetitive admin tasks manually, we let the system take care of them for us. All the contact records are automatically updated, and changes are logged instantly.”

Keap CRM

Keap is another lead management software to streamline your sales and conversion process across all channels. You can collect new leads by adding forms on your website, qualify them using email and SMS marketing, and nurture them with the inbuilt CRM tools. The platform lets you automate complex workflows to free you from repetitive tasks and focus on leads. Turn visitors into leads, convert those leads into customers, and turn the customers into brand advocates with seamless communication and relationship management.

Best For: All-in-one CRM

Suited For: Small businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $149 per month billed annually

How to Nurture Leads Using Keap CRM?

  • Create and add lead forms to your website to collect information from potential prospects.
  • Sync all your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, etc., and manage everything in Keap.
  • Reply to your prospects’ email, SMS, or phone directly from Keap CRM.
  • Track all the conversations, messages, tasks, and appointments from a single dashboard.
  • Set up alerts about new messages.
  • Set up automatic follow-ups, automate lead qualification paths, schedule meetings, and run drip campaigns to maximize conversions.

G2 Ratings: 4.2

Customer Reviews:

“I love KEAP’s ability to store my customers’ data, such as service history, billing information, note details, and contact information, in a secure and centralized location. It has allowed us to make a smooth transition away from paper files while still having easy access to all relevant customer information. I especially appreciate the ability to track conversations via SMS without needing my phone; it keeps everything secure, but also readily available for reference when needed.”

12. Hootsuite

Social platforms are one of the best channels to earn new customers, and Hootsuite is one of the top social lead generation tools. The all-in-one social media management platform can help boost your social presence, gain influencers, and generate new leads using social posts and other activities. Publish posts on social profiles, track conversions in real time, and bring in new prospects to maximize ROI.

Best For: Inbound lead generation tool, social media marketing

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: yes

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

How to Short-Circuit Lead Generation Using Hootsuite?

  •  Publish >> Engage >> Monitor >> Advertise >> Acquire >> Analyze.
  • Build a central hub for all your social platforms and manage all social activities.
  • Analyze the latest trends, publish new posts, do competitive research, and see your posts’ performance to generate quality leads.
  • Reply to comments, collect lead data, and open your business to new prospects via social media.
  • Integrate with other tools like Slack and Zendesk to nurture the leads.

G2 Ratings: 4.1

Customer Reviews:

“Easily manage social media. My business is a small recruiting firm. We can not afford a marketing team. Hootsuite makes it very easy to manage social media posts. I don’t know about the competition. I like also that we can design through Canva. Huge plus. I don’t waste time going to different socials to post for the week or month. I can see my engagement, and I can set it and forget it until I’m ready to review analytics.”

13. Buzzstream 

Buzzstream brings a complete set of lead generation, prospecting, email outreach, and digital PR tools to the table. You can generate quality leads and qualify them instantly with the outreach campaign. The tool also helps increase website traffic by finding relevant link-building domains. And with the inbuilt reporting and analysis, you can track the performance of your campaigns in real time, making Buzzstream one of the best lead generation tools and CRMs on the list.

Best For: Lead prospecting, email outreach

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $24 per user per month

Why Buzzstream Sits Among the Best Lead Generation Tools?

  • Use the Chrome extension to capture the email address from any URL and web page.
  • Bulk-add prospects to your list from multiple domains.
  • Capture relevant details like social channels, stats, domain, and more.
  • Design cold email campaigns to warm up leads.
  • Segment the mailing list to send personalized emails.
  • Automate follow-ups to emails at the desired time.
  • Provides a detailed dashboard to track both campaign and team performance.

G2 Ratings: 4.1

Customer Reviews:

“I use it for a limited set of tasks (mostly maintaining a database of contacts) and I’m happy with everything I get to use. The interface is very intuitive and does a great job of leading a user in the right direction. I’m using it as a database of my contacts, a starting point for marketing campaigns that involve bloggers/influencers. Keeping the profiles in buzzstream helps me keep a ton of information out of my head, simple outreach is an added bonus for me.”

14. HotJar

Hotjar is a visitor behavior analysis tool, and it’s also great to get new leads through surveys, feedback, and on-site polls. This single tool provides an entire arsenal of features to map customers’ journeys, collect feedback, generate leads, understand customers’ behavior, and optimize your website. You can cross-reference the survey data with heatmaps and session recordings to design exceptional experiences and turn visitors into customers.

Best For: Surveys, feedback, and behavioral insights

Suited For: Small to big enterprises

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $48 per month

Why Choose Hotjar for Lead Generation?

  • It supports heatmaps and session recordings to study visitor behavior.
  • See what your visitors are clicking on and map their website journey.
  • Strategically place the surveys and feedback widgets on the website to collect customer feedback and visitor information.
  • Multi-device support. It works on desktop, mobile, and tablet versions of your website.
  • Allows integration with your CRM tools to build the prospect list for the sales team.

G2 Ratings: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

“The user engagement tracking is pretty cool. The fact that every mouse clicks and hovering can be tracked. We use hotjar for most of our clients. It helps us to understand where the users are spending more time, what can be done to improve the users interaction and all. It is helping me in identifying the exact user engagement. The heatmap helps us in analysing were the users are hovering their mouse and what can be done to improve the overall user experience in the respective websites.”

15. Zapier

Zapier is a workflow automation platform that helps connect different web apps and automate tasks to keep everything updated at all times. You can integrate over 3000 applications and automate routine tasks between them to save time and effort. It features an intuitive drag-&drop editor to build personalized paths using custom logic, conditions, and filters to manage and nurture the leads.

Best For: Workflow automation and lead management software

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $19.99 per month billed annually

How to Automate Workflows Across Different Applications Using Zapier?

  • Automate workflows across various apps to streamline the pipelines.
  • For example, if someone subscribes to your newsletter on Facebook >> it triggers an automatic action to send data to Mailchimp and add the lead to the subscriber list >> then it sends you an alert about the new lead.
  • Automate lead qualification workflow to send automated messages to prospects.
  • Set alerts for the sales team about new leads, status, and other updates.
  • Configure workflows to share content across social media to engage new visitors.
  • Automatically add new leads from various channels to your spreadsheet or database.

G2 Ratings: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

“It’s a must to automate your business. The number of integrations that it includes. Any digital tool that you imagine is included in Zapier’s portfolio. If not, you can solve this issue using native tools such as webhooks. Many issues are solved using Zapier in our case- Lead distribution, Follow Up and CRM tasks. Automated Reporting via Email taken data CRMs, Ad Networks, etc. To charge our clients.”

16. Salesforce

If you are into marketing, then it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard or worked on Salesforce. It is one of the best tools in the world to enhance your lead generation strategies. The cloud-based platform lets you manage customer relationships, automate workflows, track your sales pipelines, identify sales opportunities, and more. Combine these features with the built-in marketing toolkit, and you have a top-class lead generation and management tool at your fingertips.

Best For: Lead management software

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $25 per user per month billed annually

What Makes Salesforce One of the Best Lead Management Software?

  • Manage leads, sales teams, customers, workflows, and much more.
  • Track all your sales activities, social insights, key contacts, and interactions within Salesforce.
  • Automate the sales process, get real-time insights, view dashboard updates, track sales pipelines, analyze rep performance, and generate sales reports.
  • Integrate and manage all the communication channels into a single dashboard.
  • Set email alerts, auto-assign tasks, and automate discount deal approvals.
  • Leverage the AI-Einstein engine to dig through the data, run predictive analysis, and automate workflows to make the sales process easier.
  • Integrates with various applications like Slack and Quickbooks to maintain data continuity across all the tools.

G2 Ratings: 4.4

Customer Reviews:

“Salesforce helps companies to optimize their customer relationship management processes. One can learn about salesforce through Trailhead which is a fun way to learn about salesforce. Salesforce brings the ideas to production through IdeaExchange where people of Trailhead Communities bring their ideas .Idea of one person is a problem of many people face in salesforce. With the most votes, it gets implemented in salesforce and hence it benefits to entire salesforce user.”

17. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a popup-based lead generation tool like Picreel. You can create attractive offers through gated pop-ups to entice website visitors and collect contact information. There are several ways to show your offerings, like floating bars, gamified wheels, scroll boxes, and more. Plus, the tool offers advanced targeting options to display the pop-up offer to the right people at the right time to skyrocket lead generation.

Best For: Pop-ups, gated offers

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $9 per month billed annually

How Does OptinMonster Help in Generating Leads?

  • Design engaging pop-ups and lead forms to attract the right visitors.
  • Offers different lead campaign types like pop-ups, slide-ins, sidebar forms, inline forms, countdown timers, and more.
  • Provides advanced trigger options to show the lead forms to the right audience.
  • In-depth reporting with conversion analytics, revenue attribution reports, real-time behavior tracking, etc.
  • Integrate with tools like MailChimp to warm up and nurture the leads.

G2 Ratings: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

“OptinMonster allows us to place different types of popups on our websites. I love how we can place subtle pop ups or something more flashy depending on our needs. You can set it to appear on only certain pages or the entire website, create from scratch or build from a template, and schedule them to appear at certain times and disappear at others. It does everything that we need it to do.”

18. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a top B2B lead generation tool to convert anonymous website traffic into prospects and direct them into your sales pipeline. The tool automatically reveals the names of companies visiting your website to identify potential leads. You can also track their on-site behavior and actions to find the exact moment to target them. It also helps to build the perfect sales pitch for maximizing conversions. Leedfeeder also features an extensive database of static and dynamic IPs to help to reveal information about remote workers from particular visiting companies.

Best for: On-site lead prospecting

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $199 per month billed annually

How to Use Leadfeeder to Bring in New Leads?

  • Reveals the names of the company visiting your website in real time.
  • Track visitors’ on-site behavior and patterns to target them at the precise time.
  • Set built-in segments and filters to score and qualify targeted prospects.on your website.
  • Identify the decision makers from companies to turn prospects into qualified B2B leads.
  • Integrate with your workspace CRM to push the lead data into the pipeline.

G2 Ratings: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

“OptinMonster allows us to place different types of popups on our websites. I love how we can place subtle pop ups or something more flashy depending on our needs. You can set it to appear on only certain pages or the entire website, create from scratch or build from a template, and schedule them to appear at certain times and disappear at others. It does everything that we need it to do.”

19. Trustmary

Reviews are great tactics to imbue confidence in your website visitors and convert them into leads, and that’s where Trustmary comes in handy. You can publish and manage customer reviews on your website from a single place to engage potential prospects. It also features lead generation widgets and chatbots to target and collect visitor data. Then, you can design targeted surveys in Trustmary to get more in-depth insights about their behavior and psychographics. And top it all, the tool lets you A/B test and optimize your lead gen pop-ups and surveys to maximize conversions, earning Trustmary a decent spot on the lead generation tools list.

Best for: website review widget, surveys, lead gen widgets

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month

Why Trustmary Makes the List of Best Lead-Generation Tools?

  • Import reviews from various sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor.
  • Add review widgets to web pages.
  • Publish and manage customer reviews from a single dashboard.
  • Add lead generation pop-up forms and on-page widgets to attract new customers.
  • Trigger the pop-ups based on visitors’ intent and actions on the page.
  • Install lead generation chatbots to collect visitors’ contact information.
  • A/B test and optimize your campaigns.
  • Create surveys to collect more in-depth data from prospects.

G2 Ratings: 4.6

Customer Reviews:

“Platform is super easy to use and is getting better and more versatile all the time. I like the ease of use and constant improvements the best. New features coming every month it seems. Collecting feedback is easy and sharing it or presenting it on your website is simple. I’m collecting feedback from our B2B and B2C customers. It is amazing to see what customers think of our product and how we can improve it and then reap the rewards as we implement the suggested improvements.”

20. Datanyze

Datanyze combines technology tracking, predictive analysis, and prospecting to automatically generate leads for your business. You don’t need to hunt for new customers on your website, app, or social media platforms. Datanyze does the work for you to help you increase your prospect list. All you have to do is enter the search criteria, set the desired filters, and Datanyze generates a list of high-quality leads from its database of over 35 million contacts. Since the database is constantly updated, the leads are highly relevant.

Best For: Lead prospecting using the in-built database

Suited For: Small to big companies

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month billed annually

How to Use Datanyze to Short-Circuit Lead Generation?

  • Generate quality leads using the database of over 35M companies.
  • Set your target technology and companies, and Datanyze will find the correct prospects accordingly.
  • Filter Datanyze’s domain database to create lists of ideal accounts.
  • Use Datanyze’s Chrome extension to fetch firmographic data of the desired company.
  • Add the prospect list to your account and export them to your CRM tools.
  • Set alerts to know when your prospects have dropped or changed a business solution to enable your team to reach out to them at the precise time.

G2 Ratings: 4.2

Customer Reviews:

“Good Tool for getting Contact Informations. This is the most powerful tool for getting contact informations of any targetted leads. Its LinkedIn extension is very easy & simple to use. The contact informations are highly accurate. Getting direct contact information like direct mobile numbers is impossible. Now it’s easy & we can get them with one click.”

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, one of the best sales leads generation software, gives you a list of new prospects and leads using LinkedIn according to your search criteria. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, it makes LinkedIn Sales Navigator perfect for finding highly relevant leads for your desired industry. You can prospect high-quality B2B and B2C opportunities for your business in a few hours. Once you have the contacts, you can use the tool’s messaging center to qualify and add them to your sales pipeline.

Best For: Lead generation through LinkedIn

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Contact for price

What Makes LinkedIn Sales Navigator So Effective?

  • Search for new leads using advanced targeting options, such as industry, geography, and seniority.
  • Provides a lead recommendation feature for your target industry, account, and business.
  • Save leads directly to your CRM.
  • Send Inmail messages to Linkedin members to engage with new prospects.
  • Reach out to over 500 million LinkedIn members through in-mail messages, even if you’re not connected to them.
  • Organize your leads using custom tags and export the same tags to your CRM for better lead management.

G2 Ratings: 4.3

Customer Reviews:

“LinkedIn Sales Navigator helped me with detailed prospecting. Advanced Search and Filtering: Sales Navigator offers advanced search capabilities, allowing users to find and target specific prospects based on various criteria such as industry, company size, location, job title, and more. This feature helps sales professionals identify and focus on the most relevant leads.”


ActiveCampaign is a complete omnichannel lead generation tool for boosting your acquisition campaigns. It’s a behemoth that offers multiple lead-generation strategies and avenues to target the right people on your website, email, social media, and other channels. You can generate leads, manage contacts, build pipelines, handle communications, and retain customers with personalized interactions – all from a single platform. And the best part is that you can split-test your campaigns for further refinement.

Best For: Email marketing, CRM

Suited For: Medium to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month billed annually

How to Create Lead Generation Campaigns With ActiveCampaign?

  • Create email campaigns and promotions to get new leads.
  • Automate contact management and lead nurturing to save time and effort.
  • Built-in CRM to manage contacts, track deals, and design sales pipelines.
  • Offer website tracking to track goals, events, and visitor behavior for advanced targeting.
  • Integrate with other apps to manage data across all your tools.

G2 Ratings: 4.5

Customer Reviews:

“Still the best email marketing platform for me! I’ve been using ActiveCampaign for the past 3 years, and even though I use other platforms for clients, ActiveCampaign is still my favorite. I never had to look up any trainings or tutorials to understand how it works. It’s very easy and intuitive to use and the dashboard shows all the information you need.”

21. Uplead

Uplead is another B2B lead prospecting platform with a built-in database of over 108 million contacts. It means you can build a clean prospecting list within hours without hunting them on multiple channels. The platform provides over 50 search criteria based on demographic, technographic, and psychographic traits to help you hone in on the right people for your business. It also lets you verify prospects’ email addresses for improved lead quality.

Best For: Lead prospecting

Suited For: Small to big businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $74 per month

Why Is Uplead One of the Best Lead Prospecting Tools?

  • Search over 108+ million contacts to find the right prospects.
  • Use over 50+ filters and search criteria to build the prospect list in minutes.
  • Integrate with other apps to push leads into your favorite CRM and outreach tools.
  • Install the Chrome extension to capture data from the browser.
  • Built-in email verification tool to improve lead data accuracy.

G2 Ratings: 4.7

Customer Reviews:

“Target the specific individual or organization in a fruitful way. The search tools of UpLead gives the opportunity to target the specific possible business partners. UpLead users can develop more tailored and powerful messaging by concentrating on the most recent prospects.Users can boost the possibility of picking their audience’s attention and involvement by concentrating on the most pertinent prospects.”

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a digital and email marketing platform for small-to-medium businesses. You can design lead generation campaigns and social ads to boost conversions. It also offers robust contact segmentation to target the right prospects and push them into the pipelines. Plus, with A/B testing and in-depth data analytics, you can track the performance of your campaigns and optimize them.

Best For: Email campaigns, social ads

Suited For: Small to medium businesses

Integrations: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month

How Does Constant Contact Help in Lead Generation?

  • Use pre-built templates to design bulk and drip email campaigns.
  • Create social ads to target people on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels.
  • Track the campaign’s success, reply to comments, and monitor people’s engagement to find new leads.
  • Automate workflows to schedule follow-ups, segment contacts, and warm up the leads.
  • Design signup forms for your website to collect visitors’ contact information.

G2 Ratings: 4.0

Customer Reviews:

“Easy to learn and use. Quick ramp up and easy to use. A variety of fonts and colors, plus drag and drop modules make building a campaign quick. Constant Contact allows me to stay in touch with my customers in a quick and easy way. We use it to disseminate ordering processes as well as for event updates and  and press releases.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation Tools?

Here are a few reasons to get the best lead-generation tools for your business:

  • Find long-term customers – An efficient lead generation tool comes with tons of filters and sorting options to target the right people for your business. To bring in new leads, you can create personalized campaigns based on demographics, visitor actions, and other traits.
  • Boost conversion rates – When employed across the right channels, a lead generation tool can help improve conversions by pulling high-quality prospects into the sales funnel. You can analyze revenue attribution to find the most profitable channels and bring in new leads.
  • Improve ROI from marketing campaigns – If you bring in the right customers, they are more likely to stay with your business for longer, which means improved CLV/CAC ratio and profits per customer.
  • Streamline lead management – Lead generation tools offer in-depth reporting and analytics to track the leads at every stage of the process so you can streamline communication, plug funnel leaks, and maximize conversions.
  • Save time and effort – Instead of targeting your entire customer base with one campaign, you can strategically target the most attractive customer segments to earn relevant customers. It saves both time and effort in finding the right leads.

How to Choose the Best Lead Generation Tool?

Though all tools work differently, they share some common aspects that you must look for while selecting the best lead generator tool for your business.

  • Learning curve

Choose a tool that is easy to master for your marketing and sales team. It should also have an extensive support service and plenty of help material to facilitate your team’s smooth onboarding. 

  • Targeting and tracking options

Ensure that the lead generation platform you choose offers audience targeting options so you can collect leads from the right visitors without annoying others. Just collecting the leads is not sufficient. You should be able to accumulate and track their interactions with your business in one place.

For example, CRO tools such as Qualaroo can help you target desired website visitors using surveys and lead forms to gather contact information. Similarly, lead management tools such as Salesforce will help you track and qualify the new leads.

  • Pricing tiers

Different lead generation tools offer various pricing options. They might provide a free account and paid plan. Often, there are tiers within the paid plans as well, so you can choose the correct option depending on your budget. Some lead generation platforms also provide a free trial, so you can test the tool before purchasing it. 

  • Provide in-depth sorting and data analytics

Data analysis is an integral part of converting leads into customers. Not all visitors are your potential customers. So the tool should be able to help you sort out the potential prospects from the miscellaneous data. It should provide a lead categorization option so you can prioritize different lead types.

  • Seamless integrations

Ensure that the lead generation software tool you choose for your business should seamlessly integrate with your other tools, such as CRM, email marketing tools, etc. Interactions reduce manual work and promote data consistency across all the tools.

To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best lead generation tools available out there, along with their salient features, to give a detailed overview of each of them.

So Which Lead Generation Tools Make Your List?

Depending on the requirements and target channels, you may need more than one tool for your lead generation campaigns. Our advice is to identify your business’s most engaged channels and then look for the right software.

Examine the modes of lead generation for various tools and pick the ones you can manage efficiently.

For example:

  • You can use Qualaroo for its advanced targeting reporting to target on-site visitors. You can also go for Picreel for its engaging pop-ups.
  • In the same way, you can leverage your social presence to boost conversions using Hootsuite.
  • Then, you can use a proper CRM tool like BIGContacts and Salesforce to manage the incoming leads and convert them into customers.

Once you have the tools, you can create a solid lead generation strategy to consolidate the data from all sources and streamline the process. It would help to minimize miscommunication and weed out issues within your sales pipelines. So start your prospecting process today!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create lead generation surveys using feedback software and run follow-up survey campaigns to collect more in-depth data from the target audience. Then, use the feedback from these surveys to create personalized campaigns and generate new leads.

What are the different types of lead generation?

You can generate leads using various methods like:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Online lead forms
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound prospecting
  • Paid advertising
  • Cold calling

The B2B lead generation process aims to target other businesses to provide optimal solutions for growth, whereas B2C lead generation tries to bring the end customers into the sales funnel.

Some of the best ways to get new leads fast are on-site lead generation forms or email marketing campaigns.

The lead generation and qualification techniques would benefit significantly from the advancements in AI intelligence and predictive analysis to deliver hyper-personalized experiences across multiple channels. It would also promote seamless omnichannel interactions to plug funnel leaks.

The primary approaches to lead generation are search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media engagement.

There are multiple ways to generate B2C leads, such as on-site lead forms and popups, social media campaigns, email and call outreach, content marketing, and paid advertising.

Here are the four steps of the lead generation process:

  • Identify the target audience
  • Create engaging product offerings and campaigns
  • Bring new leads into the pipeline
  • Nurture and convert the prospects

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