Qualaroo Improves SaaS Conversion Rates

Uncover Hidden Objections, Identify Valuable Features,
and Improve the Conversion Rate of Site Visitors to Leads

The SaaS sales process is a considered one, with potential buyers seeking to gain a deep understanding of how your product will meet their needs before taking the next step. But do you know exactly how they’re evaluating your product and making their decision?

If you could figure out what questions and objections your visitors had, you could address them up front, and turn more website visitors into leads, trials and customers.

How do you know what’s important to your visitors?

Analytics only tells part of the story. If you have a page with a high exit or bounce rate, what does it really mean? Are people leaving because you don’t have what they’re looking for, or is the messaging or value proposition just not compelling enough for them to keep going?

Without qualitative insights, you’ll never know. Enter Qualaroo.

Qualaroo is the onsite survey tool that lets you ask questions in real time, right from the web page the visitor is on. You can ask them questions about their needs, concerns, buying criteria, and more.

These “in the moment” onpage surveys give you the best way to understand what visitors need and what they need to know from you in order to move forward.

Survey Visitors in the Moment to Uncover Objections and Improve Conversion

  • On product and landing pages
  • On pages with high bounce and exit rates
  • If visitors linger on a page for too long
  • On visitor exit with exit surveys

Put Insights to Work Improving Your SaaS Business

Use the insights gathered to determine what to add, tweak and test on your website. Identify confusing value propositions, pricing, or product descriptions, and use that feedback to determine which areas of your site or messaging to test next. By using qualitative feedback to drive your testing and marketing, you’re able to focus on the improvements most likely to move the needle. Recommended Read – A list of the Best A/B Testing tools to increase conversions.

Insights go beyond website conversion optimization. With qualitative feedback from visitors you can identify the features and benefits that matter most to your potential customers. Use this feedback to validate your assumptions and product roadmap.

Use Qualaroo to Uncover

  • Messaging and buying criteria issues
  • Pricing, features and implementation concerns
  • Potential product enhancement opportunities
  • Competitive intelligence about other products in the market

Get More Leads, Trials, and Sales with Qualaroo Insights

When you know what’s important to your website visitors, you can better address their questions and concerns upfront, resulting in more leads, trials and sales. Qualaroo real time, onpage surveys is the best way to get those insights, so you can start making the most of your website traffic.


Target Users to Understand Marketing Channel Performance

You know not all website visitors are equal, but do you know why they perform differently? With Qualaroo’s advanced targeting you can pinpoint your onpage surveys to just the visitors you want to learn from.

Want to understand why traffic from Google AdWords or Twitter doesn’t stick around? Simply target your Qualaroo web surveys to just those audiences. Or have a channel that converts much higher than others? Ask those visitors what it is that makes your product a great fit for them.

Qualaroo lets you target users by:

  • Traffic source
  • Section or page of the site
  • Time on page or site
  • Number of visits
  • and many more

Deploy with Confidence

Qualaroo is built from the ground up to be reliable and to fit your brand. Its unobtrusive design, solid infrastructure, and customization options mean that you can get the insights you need without impacting your user experience.

With our low-impact onpage surveys you keep your product and website experience as the priority.

Intuit, Shopify, Maven Link, and many more use Qualaroo to gain the insights they need to improve their businesses. Put Qualaroo to work for your business now.

Turn Insights Into Leads

Go beyond Insights with Qualaroo Convert. Convert lets you add lead capture and calls to action to your surveys to route visitors to the right landing pages, lead forms, customer support and more—all based on user response.

Ask about our real-time conversion features during your demo.

Go Mobile

Have a large portion of your traffic coming from tablet and smart phones? Qualaroo for Mobile lets you survey these users with an experience designed for the mobile interface. Get the insights you need from this growing audience and keep the user on task in the same window—one of the only mobile survey tools to do so.


Do you want to improve conversions?

Use Qualaroo surveys to gather insights and improve messaging.

Awards & Press

Winner: Easiest Setup Summer, G2.com
Winner: Easiest Setup Summer, G2.com
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
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Leader: Survey & Polling Software, Crozdesk