How to Ask Questions in User Research: The Definitive Guide

User insights are at the core of the user experience. That’s no secret, but the art of how to ask the right questions has certainly evolved and become more complex over time.

In this guide, we provide:

  • Advice on asking the right questions
  • Thoughts on when to use which channels  
  • Insight on the best time to ask for feedback 
  • Tips from UX influencers across the globe 

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How and When to Collect Feedback, and What to do with it

Insights From the Experts

At Redfin, we have an insatiable curiosity for our users and a desire to have the best user experience in our field. We do this by establishing both business metrics and user experience metrics for every feature we build. We ask questions that help us identify, track and improve those metrics over time.

Tira Schwartz, Principal UX Researcher at Redfin
Seattle, WA

The less effort you require from your user, the more likely it is that they will provide feedback.

Walter Hannemann, Product Manager at Dualog
Copenhagen, Denmark

Getting user feedback right can be tricky.

But everybody wins from high fidelity, actionable user feedback.

Marketing and sales will appreciate the opportunity to turn user testimonials into content and case studies.

Product teams will have specific feedback to inform the roadmap. 

Customer success will love that you are demonstrating an interest in and establishing a relationship with users. 

Leadership is always thankful for anything that can improve the bottom line. 

Ready to improve your user feedback collection strategy for good?

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