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Inventive Ways to Uncover Objections and Improve Your CRO Performance

Inventive Ways to Uncover Objections and Improve Your CRO Performance

This is our third installment recapping the recent Conversion Rate Optimization webinar with Sean and Dr. Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts. In this post, we’re going to share some of Sean and Karl’s favorite ways to use Qualaroo for conversion rate optimization.

Most people know that Qualaroo is a great tool for onsite surveys, but these surprising and inventive applications show how marketers can get actionable insights that improve website performance by applying intelligent questioning at just the right moment.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, use these ideas as a jumping off point for your own unique implementations. And be sure to share your success stories with us in the comments.

Build Your Email List

University of Alberta uses Qualaroo to drive the growth of their email newsletter list. They do it with a simple Nudge:

“You seem interested in UAlberta news. Would you like to sign up for the Daily News email?”

  • Yes [enter your email]
  • No thanks

Before they implemented the Qualaroo Nudge in November 2012, they had 412 email subscribers. By September 2013, their subscribers had increased to 2,528.

Create More Compelling Content

Vero, an email marketing technology, uses webinars as a core part of their marketing program. To drive the most attendance to these webinars, they focused on optimizing open rates on their email invites.

They realized that open rates and sign ups were both contingent on the content of the webinar. To find out what topics were most interesting to prospective customers they asked them with this simple Nudge:

“Would you attend any of these webinars?”

  • 5 Steps to Email Marketing that Converts
  • How to Setup Your First Lifecycle Email
  • How to Get Started With Vero
  • No, I Wouldn’t

This allowed them to figure out what content their users wanted and then deliver it, which in turn increased open rates and signups.

Improve Ecommerce Conversions

An agency shared this undisclosed client’s story with us. After noticing a cart abandonment issue, they implemented the following question for when visitors went to abandon their carts.

“What, if anything, is stopping you from completing this order?”

This one open-ended question helped to identify a browser issue that, if left uncheck, could’ve cost the company $60k in lost sales.

Segment and Route Traffic to Specific Content

Free credit reporting service Quizzle, has used Qualaroo to uncover user needs and consequently route users to the right areas of their website based on what users are trying to do.

“What brings you to Quizzle.com today?”

  • I got denied for credit.
  • I want better credit
  • Checking my credit before a big purchase.

Using Qualaroo’s intelligent branching, responses vary based on what people click. People who click “Checking my credit,” are presented with the following:

“What are you getting credit approved for?”

  • Home Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Insurance
  • Credit Card

Answers branch even further. Those those who click “Auto Loan” are presented with, “Get your FREE credit report to make sure your credit is ready for that auto loan…”

It’s an effective and easy way to get different segments of their audience to the relevant portions of the website.

What Will You Come Up With?

A lot of the fun and success with Qualaroo are in how you choose to use it. Whether you’ve never heard of Qualaroo or you’ve been debating about trying it out, you now have great context for how to implement it and see big gains. Qualaroo surveys are in flow—meaning they allow you to collect valuable insights from visitors in the moment, without adding friction to the user experience.

Speaking of friction—one question we get a lot is whether the short term friction of a survey is worth the long term results. There’s no denying that some survey software can be disruptive. Which is why we’ve designed Qualaroo to be as unobtrusive as possible. We’ve found that the long term improvements you’re able to make based on the insights gained, reduce friction on a much larger scale.

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