To run effective A/B tests, you need a few tools to determine what to test, run your tests and track them. While there are dozens of A/B testing tools out there, we’ve found these to be the most effective. Different tools provide specific abilities to help you run the tests, such as collecting data, designing variations, running A/B tests, analyzing the results, etc.

1.) Tools to Determine Which A/B Tests to Run

Qualitative and quantitative data collection tools help you understand where opportunities and challenges lie on your site. They allow you to visualize what isn’t working for your visitors, collect their feedback and collate performance data to build your hypothesis. These include analytical tools, survey tools, customer journey tools, etc.

Google Analytics, Qualaroo, KISSmetrics, SessionCam, FullStory, CrazyEgg, and are all great tools to get actionable insights from the visitors.

2.) Tools to Run A/B Tests

A/B test tools provide a plethora of features such as a visual editor to create variation, the option to segment the traffic between the variations, auto-calculate statistical significance, and calculate the sample sizes.

Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer are one of the best tools for running A/B tests quickly and effectively without needing much help from your development teams. Once the Optimizely code is on-site, marketers can make changes and set up experiments on the site by themselves.

3.) Tools to Track Your A/B Tests

There isn’t one specific tool that does this exceptionally well. Most people use various tools in conjunction, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, PowerPoint or internal company wikis, or Intranets to track historical A/B test results.

You can check out more tools in our article on Best A/B Testing Tools.

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