With feedback from the right people it is possible to get to the root of your website’s problems, improve your user experience, and find the right market for a new brand or product. Qualitative feedback is critical to adding context to quantitative data and understanding the why behind the what of your user behavior. Whether you’re designing your first or your fiftieth survey plan, we hope this guide will prove useful in that process.

While it’s almost certainly redundant by now, we’re going to stress it one last time—user feedback is invaluable when it comes to so many aspects of designing, marketing, and maintaining your brand, service, or product.

A continuous process of improvement, based on the feedback from your users, is the key to sustainable growth for your business.

In closing, remember:

  • Identify the problem > identify the people > design the survey.
  • Who you ask is as important as what you ask.
  • The simpler the better.
  • Test, test, test.
  • Use the feedback and implement changes based on it to improve your business.
  • Go back through this loop over and over.
  • And if you encounter any confusion at all, feel free to refer back to this guide.

Good luck. Before you leave, be sure to pay it forward. Share this guide with your friends.

Bookmark it for reference, and be sure to download a copy of the guide for yourself.

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