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Introducing Qualaroo’s New Integration with Optimizely Audiences for Personalized Web Experiences

Introducing Qualaroo’s New Integration with Optimizely Audiences for Personalized Web Experiences

Today we’re excited to announce our new integration with Optimizely Audiences. Now you can use visitors’ answers to Qualaroo surveys to personalize their experience on subsequent website visits. This makes it easy to personalize on visitor attributes that aren’t immediately obvious based on clickstream data.

For example, a SaaS company with a sales process that requires the buy in of multiple customer stakeholders can tailor messaging and content to the different roles that may visit the website during an evaluation. While these roles may look the same from an analytics perspective, knowing which site visitors are technical, which are operational and which are product focused can help you target website content and value propositions accordingly.


Simply use a Qualaroo on-site survey to ask visitors what role they hold and the type of organization they are a part of—then tie these response to unique audience segments in your Optimizely experiment. On subsequent visits these visitors can be served with messaging, content, calls to action and navigation tests to improve time on site, clickthrough rates, visit depth and ultimately conversion rates.

Mobify, a responsive mobile commerce platform and a beta user of the integration, did just that, using Qualaroo and Optimizely to deliver targeted messages to both business users and technical stakeholders. From the Optimizely Audiences announcement:

Mobify went from a situation where “delivering a tailored experience to business and tech audiences was very difficult” to “experiencing a huge win in being able to more appropriately deliver a personalized message that resonates with each visitor.” With Audiences, Mobify is able to deliver a highly optimized experience and speak to its visitors in a more genuine way across its site.

Why guess at personalization with clickstream data when you can use real user feedback to deliver a highly relevant experience? Put personalization to work for you with Qualaroo and Optimizely.

Want to get started with personalization using Qualaroo and Optimizely? This integration is available to all Qualaroo Professional Insights plan holders, and Enterprise and Convert customers.

Existing customers: Read the knowledge base article on how to setup your Optimizely Audience experiments and the steps needed to implement the new integration.

New customers: Interested in getting started with Qualaroo and Optimizely? Start a new trial today and contact our sales team to get a demo of the new integration.

Read more about Optimizely’s new Audiences feature on their blog, and see the press release about the partnership below.

Qualaroo Integrates with Optimizely’s New Audiences Feature to Deliver Personalized Web Experiences Based on Visitor Feedback

New Integration Allows Web Marketers to Create, Deliver and Test Personalized Experiences to Improve Relevance and Website Conversion Rates.

SAN MATEO, CA – JULY 22, 2014 –  Qualaroo (qualaroo.com), a leader in software that helps marketers improve the performance of their website with voice of customer insights, has launched an integration with Optimizely’s new Audiences feature that makes it easy for marketers to deliver personalized experiences based on website visitor feedback collected through Qualaroo’s on-site surveys.

With the new integration, user responses to Qualaroo’s on-site surveys can be used to associate visitors with Optimizely Audience segments, giving marketers the ability to deliver personalized content and conversion optimization experiments to their website audience. By using visitor feedback to create the segments, marketers are able to deliver highly relevant content and user experiences to improve website performance. Unlike traditional personalization software, which uses visitor behavior data and predictive analytics, the Qualaroo and Optimizely Audiences integration uses actual visitor feedback to associate visitors to segments, allowing visitors to qualify themselves.

A recent Econsultancy study on the Realities of Online Personalization found that 72 percent of respondents agreed that they understood the importance of personalization, but didn’t know where to start. The same report showed that personalized website experiences led to an average 19 percent lift in sales. While marketers are looking for opportunities to get started, consumers are demanding personalization, with 74 percent of respondents to the 2013 Online Personal Experience survey saying they are frustrated with websites and content that appear to have nothing to do with them.

“Personalization is simply the best way to improve the performance of your website, and there’s no better way to do it than with actual feedback from website visitors.” said Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo, “This new integration makes it easy for marketers to create and test highly-relevant personalized experiences using Optimizely.”

“There’s a huge opportunity in creating delightful, tailored experiences to customers at every touchpoint,” said Dan Glazer, head of partnerships at Optimizely. “What better way to accomplish this than by harnessing the power of visitor data, which is more accurate and detailed through Qualaroo’s customer insights. We’re thrilled to partner with them to further optimize customer experiences.”

The new Audiences feature is already in use by companies who participated in a private beta, including Mobify. Mobify is a responsive mobile commerce platform used by leading global retailers. The company uses the integration to deliver personalized value propositions and alter user journeys for the different personas evaluating the platform.

“Our potential customers include stakeholders from both the business and technology sides of an organization,” Luke Starbuck, Director of Demand Generation at Mobify said. “Using visitor feedback to personalize subsequent website visits, adjust value proposition and customize the user’s journey on the site allows us to message directly the most relevant benefits, and offer specific content to the different personas responsible for evaluating our platform. ”

The Qualaroo integration with Optimizely Audiences makes it easy for marketers to meet visitor needs and reap the performance gains of personalized website experiences immediately. The new integration is available for Optimizely Platinum customers and will soon be available to all Optimizely Gold plan customers. For more information on adding Optimizely Audiences to Qualaroo, please contact sales@qualaroo.com.


Optimizely is the world’s leading optimization platform, providing A/B testing, multivariate testing, and personalization for websites and iOS applications. The platform’s ease of use empowers organizations to conceive of and run experiments that help them make better data-driven decisions. Optimizely meets the diverse needs of any organization looking to deliver unique experiences to their audience. To learn more, visit optimizely.com or join Optiverse today.


Mobify is a mobile commerce platform used by leading enterprises to deliver exceptional responsive and hybrid app shopping experiences, to drive accelerated business growth. Mobify powers mobile shopping experiences for global retailers and brands.

Established in 2007, Mobify is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has a global network of resellers and implementation partners serving customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Qualaroo Inc., provides a complete solution for website visitor insights that allows businesses to improve their website performance. Powered by unobtrusive on-site surveys, Qualaroo collects voice of customer feedback and allows business owners to act on feedback to drive conversion. Qualaroo is used by businesses of all sizes and types. Groupon, Intuit and WordPress.com all use Qualaroo to answer the important questions about their visitors in order to make their websites better.

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