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7 AI Survey Tools to Optimize Your Feedback Collection Process

7 AI Survey Tools to Optimize Your Feedback Collection Process

AI came like a giant tide, slowly and then all at once. The enthusiasm around leveraging AI with possibly every business process is not new, despite what the advent of ChatGPT would have you believe.

Even in customer experience management, many AI survey tools allow you to automate feedback collection and enhance the data analysis to glean actionable and deep insights.

But with many choices comes mayhem. 

Which AI survey tool will be most useful to you? 

That’s the question I am going to answer today. In my CX journey, I’ve tried many online survey tools and will share some of them with you with top-notch AI features.

But first, here’s a summary:

Tool Best For

Qualaroo Best for sentiment analysis

Starts at $69/month. 15-day free trial available.

Qualtrics Best for predictive analytics

Custom pricing


Best for predicting survey success

Starts from $25/user/month.


Best for automated lead scoring with surveys

Starts from $25/month.
Poll The People

Best for AI-powered survey creation

Starts from $50/month.

BlockSurvey Best for creating survey questions

Starts from $29/month. Free version available with limitations.

7 Best AI Survey Tools

Besides my experience and research, I’ve included recommendations from my industry peers and customer experience experts and referred to customer reviews on multiple forums to take others’ experiences into account for each tool. Now, let’s begin.

Qualaroo – Best for sentiment analysis

After a few hit-and-miss encounters with AI survey tools, I finally landed on Qualaroo, an incredible online survey tool to collect contextual and emotional customer insights.

The IBM Watson-powered sentiment analytics empowers you to delve into open-ended survey responses, extract customer sentiments from the written feedback, and efficiently label and organize the feedback.

You can see the most-used vocabulary in the feedback, thanks to its word cloud feature and tag responses during the feedback mining process for easy retrieval at a later time. 

Qualaroo streamlines the feedback analysis and mining journey, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. It’s a robust, user-friendly, automated, and the best survey creator for gaining insights from your survey data.

For example, Belron, a windshield company, used Qualaroo’s Sentiment Analysis to analyze responses from their exit-intent customer surveys. Doing so helped it understand why the prospects left the website without purchasing anything.

In the words of Jamie Carter, Voice of the Customer Manage –

“Using sentiment analysis with Qualaroo…it took no time to view themes and patterns from customer responses. Fantastic!” 

What you’ll like: 

  • Various types of surveys can be created to collect qualitative and quantitative data, including NPS, CES, CSAT, Exit-intent, SUS, and more.
  • Customizable CTAs are designed based on emotional sentiment scores to respond to customers in real time.
  • The platform includes a comprehensive sentiment analysis dashboard that presents data through word clouds, charts, and bars.
  • Key topic keywords are identified within open-text responses for easy reference.
  • Response categorization is simplified by utilizing sentiment scores.
  • Responses are directed to the appropriate teams according to the keywords found in them.
  • Integration options are available with various tools, including Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, and others.

What you won’t like: 

  • The trial period may not be enough for some to explore all features.
  • It doesn’t analyze customer emotions from feedback on social media.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month. Unlimited nudges and responses for 1 domain. 15-day free trial available.

Qualtrics – Best for predictive analytics

[Image Source: Qualtrics]

Before Qualaroo, I used Qualtrics and would like to recommend this tool if you want to transform your feedback collection and analysis process. It allows you to uncover valuable insights from customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Qualtrics wears many hats, but the one I’ll highlight is its AI-infused features. With AI capabilities, it simplifies customer feedback analysis and spotting trends. It automates feedback mining, enables you to predict customer churn, and trains the AI model on your data to be more precise.

Qualtrics isn’t just a tool; it’s your strategic partner for delivering exceptional experiences and making informed choices.

What you’ll like:

  • Versatile features for collecting and analyzing feedback from various channels.
  • Delighted AI’s text and predictive analytics for automating tasks and spotting feedback trends.
  • Real-time response analysis for actionable feedback.
  • Integrates with other business tools, such as AWS, Canvas, Thematic, and UserTesting.

What you won’t like:

  • It has a learning curve for new users.
  • The pricing is not transparent.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

SurveyMonkey – Best for predicting survey success

[Image Source: SurveyMonkey]

SurveyMonkey is nothing short of exceptional. Having explored its capabilities, I can assure you it goes beyond mere data collection—it’s a survey experience redefined.

What sets this AI survey software apart is that its powered by OpenAI, resulting in advanced text analytics powered by natural language processing. Its sentiment analysis opens the door to profound customer insights, allowing you to peek into customers’ emotions. 

The text analytics feature facilitates keyword extraction so you can search for specific words in the accumulated written feedback.

The question creation automatically selects the perfect question type as you type. The result? Precise data collection in less time. But wait, it gets crazier; you can also predict survey success based on the questions you choose for your survey.

And if that’s not enough, it helps you weed out biases and errors, ensuring the data you collect is not only accurate but also actionable. 

What you’ll like: 

  • A broad range of survey question types and templates, allowing customization for various survey purposes.
  • Extract qualitative insights from written feedback, enabling a deeper understanding of respondents’ opinions and emotions.
  • An NPS calculator that displays scores on the dashboard, making it easy to track and analyze customer satisfaction.
  • Skip and branching logic feature for precisely targeting specific customer segments.
  • Surveys in over 70 languages, enabling global reach and diverse audience engagement.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, Marketo, and more.

What you won’t like:

  • There’s a learning curve to optimizing its advanced capabilities. 
  • It offers limited workflow and automation features.
  • The advanced AI features are not available in the basic plan.

Pricing: Starts from $25/user/month.

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Typeform – Best for automated lead scoring with surveys

[Image Source: Typeform]

Typeform is an excellent AI-powered survey tool that simplifies the survey creation process, allowing you to spend less time designing and more time collecting the data you need. 

The AI-powered forms automatically build themselves based on the data you want to collect, and Typeform’s AI even provides relevant answer options for multiple-choice and dropdown questions, streamlining the process and enhancing the respondent experience.

One highlight feature of Typeform is its upcoming lead qualification and scoring functionality. By using AI to describe your needs, you can create a set of lead qualification questions that will help you identify potential customers who are ready to make a purchase. 

It simplifies the lead-scoring process and allows you to prioritize and focus on high-quality leads.

What you’ll like: 

  • User-friendly interface to make creating engaging surveys easy without the need for coding or technical expertise.
  • A wide variety of customizable survey templates for different purposes, such as customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and more.
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis to extract qualitative insights from written feedback.
  • Skip and branching logic feature enables targeted survey experiences, ensuring that respondents only answer relevant questions.
  • It supports animation and other multimedia elements for surveys.

What you won’t like:

  • It has limited integrations.
  • The branding and customization for surveys aren’t as flexible as its competitors.
  • Typeform’s generative AI capabilities aren’t native, as it works through the ChatGPT plugin.

Pricing: Starts from $25/month.

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Poll The People – Best for AI-powered survey analysis

Poll the People is a great AI-powered survey tool that makes it easy to gather valuable insights in minutes, saving time and resources. During my brief trial of this tool, I was able to collect feedback with context and actionable insights in real time.

One new feature I found particularly impressive is the ChatGPT-powered survey design to create optimized surveys that fetch advanced insights. It also filters out bad responses and automatically scores them for easy sorting, which saves you time and agony.

One of my peers also used this AI survey tool and appreciated its ability to improve the quality of survey questions by analyzing them and suggesting appropriate changes. They also leverage OpenAI for advanced reporting and data visualization capabilities, which were a little lackluster in terms of analysis.

What you’ll like:

  • It has easy-to-use, customizable testing templates to fit your brand or survey type.
  • Multiple question types, such as a rating scale, the Likert scale, open-ended questions for qualitative data, and closed-ended questions for quantitative data.
  • It supports multiple languages for a more inclusive survey experience.
  • A worldwide panel of over 500,000 survey participants to help you target the right people.

What you won’t like:

  • A very small selection of integrations.
  • It needs to be flexible when it comes to customization.

Pricing: Starts from $50/month. 7-day free trial available. Lite version charges $1/response.

BlockSurvey – Best for creating survey questions

Another recommendation from my peers for AI survey tools is BlockSurvey, a free AI survey generator. It simplifies the process of creating surveys in a reliable and time-efficient manner.

The AI Question Generator automatically generates high-quality survey questions tailored to your specific topic. It eliminates the need for manual survey creation, helping survey and research novices avoid survey errors to an extent.

It even offers a bot prevention tool to protect your surveys from malicious elements. With BlockSurvey, you can easily analyze the feedback data using pivot tables, word clouds, and sentiment analysis.

What you’ll like:

  • No-code easy setup to save time and dependency on developers.
  • Customizable survey templates that allow for branding and personalization.
  • Support for a wide range of question types, including rating scales, Likert scales, etc.
  • Boost response rates with automated follow-up emails sent to survey respondents.
  • Seamlessly connect with popular apps like Zapier and Google Sheets for data transfer and analysis.
  • Incorporate forms and surveys into your website through embeds, pop ups, cards, and sliders.
  • Custom form flows based on answers to enhance user engagement and survey relevance.

What you won’t like: 

  • The free plan only allows 3 surveys and up to 30 responses.
  • Limited integration with other third-party tools.

Pricing: Starts from $29/month. Free version available.

JotForm – Best for conditional logic 

Last but not least, the best survey creator powered by AI is JotForm. My peer had tried this tool, mainly for its sentiment analysis and conditional logic features, and recommended it to me for the same reasons.

It digs deep into written survey responses, providing valuable qualitative and quantitative insights. JotForm’s AI-powered conditional logic feature is equally impressive as it allows you to create smarter, dynamic forms so you only collect accurate insights. You can set rules based on previous answers, showing or hiding specific fields as needed.

What you’ll like:

  • Extensive library of customizable survey templates for various purposes.
  • Support for a wide range of question types, including rating scales, Likert scales, and open-ended questions.
  • Responsive forms that work seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • Secure payment forms for online transactions, making the tool suitable for e-commerce and fundraising.
  • Send automated confirmation emails and notifications to form respondents.

What you won’t like:

  • The free plan has submission and data export limits.
  • It has a learning curve.

Pricing: Starts from $34/month. Free version available with limitations.

Which is the best AI Survey Tool?

If you want me to narrow down the choices for AI survey tools, here are my top 3 recommendations for AI survey software.

Option A: Qualaroo

You can pick Qualaroo if you want to leverage AI capabilities like sentiment analysis in an uncomplicated, non-overwhelming, simplified way. You can identify what vocabulary your customers and employees used the most to describe their experience with you using Word Cloud.

Option B: BlockSurvey

If you want an AI survey generator that’s free, you can choose BlockSurvey. Its free version is suitable for small businesses starting to dip their toes into customer experience research. You can move on to more advanced tools later as you scale.

Option C: Qualtrics

Qualtrics is your top choice if you want to leverage predicting analytics capabilities. This tool is suitable for mid-large enterprises due to its pricing.

Overall, my experience and research have led me to opt for Qualaroo since it is easy to set up and use, even though it offers advanced features.

Learn More About AI Survey Tools

Can you use AI for surveys?

Yes, there are many AI-powered features that online survey tools offer, like Sentiment analysis, automatic survey creation, conditional logic, and more.

Does Qualaroo use AI?

Yes, Qualaroo offers sentiment analysis that’s powered by IBM Watson AI.

What are surveys in AI?

Surveys in AI are data collection methods where artificial intelligence technology is employed to design, distribute, and analyze surveys. AI-powered surveys often use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to gather and interpret responses, providing deeper insights and automating data analysis.

How can AI be used to collect data?

AI can be used to collect data by creating intelligent surveys, administering them through various channels, and automatically processing and categorizing responses. AI enhances the data collection process by extracting valuable information from open-ended text, identifying patterns, and ensuring data accuracy while reducing manual effort.

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