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Website feedback
Website & App Feedback

Find out what people really think of your website while they are using it.

Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Get insights into how your product functions and find out what your customers like.

Conversion Rate $ $
Conversion Rate

Run exit surveys and uncover insights into why potential buyers aren't converting.

Ux Feedback
UX Feedback

Capture user insights quickly and painlessly at every stage of the design process.

10x More Valuable Than Email Surveys

Gain insights by surveying visitors on-site with Qualaroo Nudges™

Qualaroo makes it easy to survey specific users in context while they are looking at your product, service & brand. Get actionable user insights based on where visitors are on your site, who they are, how much they pay, visit history and more. Select from professionally designed questions and templates or create your own. Customize Nudges with your company colors and branding for a native feel.

  • User experience insights
  • Feedback on design, functionality, etc.
  • Delightful templates
  • Branding, logo, colors

Ask the Right Question at the Right Time

Target specific users for actionable feedback
Ask Questions Using Qualaroo

Qualaroo responses are 10x more valuable than email surveys because they catch your visitor in real-time, with context. When you ask questions right on your site or app, the responses are of higher value. You can determine exactly when and who the survey targets. Target your customers based on specific actions, behavioral patterns, events, locations, browser cookies, or data streamed from your applications.


  • Ask pricing feedback when someone is looking at the pricing page
  • Ask why someone is not buying when they are about to leave
  • Ask for website/product/app feedback based on engagement
  • Ask for content feedback when they scroll & read the page

Advanced Targeting for Actionable User Insights

Ask the Right Users at the Right Time
Where they are
  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Regex matching
Who they are
  • Identities
  • All or a portion of audience
  • Geography
  • And More!
When they visit
  • Duration on page
  • Exit intent
  • Scroll location
How often they visit
  • Display once per visitor
  • Until response is received
  • Recurring questions
How long you’d like to ask the question
  • Custom date range
  • Target number of responses
  • Manual activation and deactivation

Where Can I Use the Qualaroo Nudge™?

  • In your digital product
  • In your SaaS product
  • Inside your web app
  • Inside your mobile app
  • On your website
  • On your mobile site
  • NEW! On your prototypes via Figma, InVision, Marvel, AdobeXD, and Axure.
  • NEW! On most public URLs. Even competitor sites. 👀

Ask Delightfully & Politely

Get answers without emailing, interrupting, or irritating
Get Realtime Feedback

The Nudge is Qualaroo’s technology for asking just the right questions at the right time, without being intrusive. It’s based on years of research, key findings, and optimizations. It even learns your site to improve response rates over time. Question branching means you don’t waste visitors’ time and always ask the right question to the right user.

  • Branding
  • Branching logic
  • Alerts & triggers
  • High response rates

AI-Powered Analytics & Reports

Instant feedback insights & advanced reporting
Get Insights With AI

Powered by IBM WATSON, sentiment analysis helps you turn free-form text into organized data. Track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses. Watson Sentiment Analysis makes analysis fast and comprehensive. Word Cloud feature instantly displays key ideas from free-form answers. Advanced reporting helps identify quick answers and take deep dives into your data for unparalleled user feedback insights.

  • Watson understands & categorizes results
  • Word Cloud for key concepts
  • View new & important answers
  • Bookmark responses

Install Once, Never Slows Your Page

Get the responses you need without impacting speed & performance
Qualaroo won’t slow down your website

Once you’ve added Qualaroo code to your site, you can ask a new question any time without having to bother your developer. The code is simple and it’s asynchronous, so it won’t slow down your site. You may find it addictive, asking questions and getting real answers instead of just wondering and guessing about what your customers really think.

  • Install once & ask whenever
  • Asynchronous code won’t slow site
  • Supports http & https
  • Survey without developer assistance

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

Why People Love Qualaroo

Simple & Easy
Simple & Easy

For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

Websites, Products & Apps
Websites, Products & Apps

Install code to get user feedback on websites, products & mobile apps.

Customize & Brand
Customize & Brand

Brand your Nudges with customized fonts, colors, logos & more.

Advanced Targeting
Advanced Targeting

Ask the right users at the right time for unparalleled user feedback.

Ask Any Question
Ask Any Question

Choose from over 10 question types for the perfect question, every time.

Professional Templates
Professional Templates

Never start another survey from scratch with our professional templates.

Question/Decision Branching
Question/Decision Branching

Ask the right questions to the right users politely & delightfully.

Prototype Testing
Prototype Testing

Capture user feedback quickly and painlessly at every stage.

AI Analytics & Reports
AI Analytics & Reports

Watson Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud & advanced analytics.

Powering User Experience Insights Since 2010

15+ Billion
15+ Billion

Nudge Views

100+ Millions Insights Caputered
100+ Million

Insights Captured

Integrate Qualaroo With Your Favorite Tool

Merge the qualitative insights with quantitative data, ask about your A/B test, get updates on Slack and much more…

  • Zapier
  • Optimizely
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Livechats
  • Intercom
  • MailChimp
  • Tableau
Qualaroo Integrations

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  • Every point of individual feedback enables us to take action.
    Having ongoing consumer input and feedback is paramount. Today I might ask them for feedback on the new site experience, tomorrow I want to talk about what the customer is searching for and days later I can ask how their ordering experience was. That variety and the quick pulses help us enormously.
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan,

    Director of Consumer Insights for

  • Using Qualaroo we got to hear feedback from our visitors in their voice.
    We used the data to develop and completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.
    Jaxon Lam
    Jaxon Lam,

    Senior Strategist at Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.

  • Qualaroo's simplicity made it a top choice for us
    To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face – both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow. Customer discovery efforts are critical. How do you best put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and do so in a way that is efficient and easy to do at all stages of product development?
    Laura Schaffer
    Laura Schaffer

    Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform


How do I capture user feedback on my website?

User feedback collection is a way to gather customer feedback from actual web visitors in real-time. It works by adding a simple code to your website or app or product that won’t slow it down. Once the code is embedded, you can select from our question templates or add your own custom questions. Set up the location of your survey, how it will appear, and who will see it. Then you review the data and confidently move forward with customer insights and feedback. Here’s more on How to Collect User Feedback.

What survey questions should I ask for customer feedback?

You can ask all sorts of questions using Qualaroo. You can uncover how your visitors found out about you by asking "How did you find our site?" You can seek to understand the purpose of their visit with "What did you come to this site to do today?" You can uncover missing content by asking "What topics would you like to see us write about next?" You can also uncover issues, seek market research data, test prototypes, and run Net Promoter Score surveys. All of these options make it easy to find the information you need. Take a look at this quick guide to know in detail What Survey Questions You Should Ask.

What is a Qualaroo Nudge™?

The Qualaroo nudge™ is your primary tool for collecting user feedback. Wherever you need to collect feedback from users or visitors, you can customize and deploy the Qualaroo nudge™. Also called an intercept survey, the nudge shows up on your website or mobile app for instant feedback. Here’s more on What Is a Qualaroo Nudge™?

How do you trigger survey questions?

The nudge is your tool for asking the right users the right questions at the right time. It is an intercept that can be placed on a number of channels to collect feedback. Whether you need to gain more insight into the user experience, measure satisfaction, or collect lead generation information, a Qualaroo nudge™ can help. Complete with logic branching, advanced targeting based on custom properties, and a reporting dashboard to help you understand and take action based on your insights, the nudge gives you the insights you need to make impactful business decisions. Go through this quick guide to understand How to Trigger a Nudge.

How often should I display a survey to visitors?

It really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. But Qualaroo has three options for setting this up. You can survey only once per visitor, continue showing the survey until the visitor provides a response, and continue showing the survey even after a visitor has responded. Take a look at this help article to understand How Often You Should Display a Survey.

Who will see my Qualaroo nudge™ survey?

That’s up to you! With Qualaroo, you can upload custom properties for airtight targeting. Of course, you can also target users based on standard properties like browser type, logged in or logged in status, whether or not they’ve answered your question and more. Set expiration dates for surveys if they are time-bound or let them run continuously. There are a million and one ways to configure a nudge and its audience and here’s a guide that helps you Understand the Targeting Section in Detail.

What is user research software?

User research software lets businesses understand their customers better by analyzing how they think, feel & act at every stage in the customer journey. For this reason, it is also described in tech circles as user experience (UX) testing software. It covers conducting user interviews, design thinking, interaction design, mobile UX design, usability, UX research & more. Here's more on What Is User Research & When to Use It.