Easily Visualize Areas for Improvement

Automate Feedback Mining

Import response data into tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio or Chartio to visually see common keywords, which types of users are upset, which users are happy and more.

Don’t have the time or resources to mine through feedback? With Sentiment Analysis, we mine through the data for you so you can focus on responding to the right customers, not analyzing data. 

Intelligent Feedback Means Quicker Response Times and Happier Customers

Respond to User Feedback in Realtime

Sentiment Analysis Powered By IBM Watson

Create unique call to actions based on an emotional score and pair with our sophisticated branching. An angry response can trigger a task for a customer success team member to reach out to the user.  

Keyword Identification





  • Receive an accurate sentiment analysis for all open text feedback comments
  • Supports the use of emojis 
  • Detects the topic of text feedback without having to read a single word 
  • Route results based on keyword to the appropriate team in realtime
  • Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness, and Fear scores for all text comments empower you to offer tailored experiences depending on how your customer feels. 

Qualaroo is the only realtime feedback platform with a native integration for IBM Watson. 

With Qualaroo’s Sentiment Analysis, companies can automatically collect the sentiment, keyword and emotional scores of text-based feedback from their users.  

• Realtime results from NPS survey via SMS. 

• Overall product analysis from a beta user group. 

• Instant notifications of feedback via Slack

How companies are using it today

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