Nudge for Prototypes

Capture user insights quickly and painlessly at every stage of the design process.
Design products people love.

  • Verify design decisions at the prototyping phase
    Collect user insights on staging pr prototype URLs via InVision, AdobeXD, and more.

  • Collect user insights without bugging a developer
    Nudge for Prototypes is no-code: all you need is a URL to get started!

  • Share key insights via meeting-ready reports
    Qualaroo’s reporting dashboard will summarize your key insights with word clouds and other visualizations

  • Conduct competitor research easily
    Enter the (public) URL of a competitor’s website and collect insights from stakeholders and user testers.

Want to see Nudge for Prototypes in action?

User insights: simplified.
Wherever you need them.

user insights on mockup

On a shared version of your mockup

get insights for a web page Your Site

Any page on your site

see insights from your competitor’s site

On your competitor’s site

Nudge for Prototypes is compatible with major leaders in prototyping software.

Want to see it in action? Watch the webinar.

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