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Your Biggest Growth Opportunity Might Be Right Under Your Nose

Too often, our search for growth starts by looking outside at new channels that we can tap for traffic instead of maximizing the value from the visitors and users we already have. New channels are enticing because they’re unknown, but they can be hard to crack and make work for your business—especially if you can’t effectively convert visitors to customers. Don’t make this costly mistake. Your best growth opportunity might be right under your nose—your existing traffic and users. Current users can provide the insights you need to find growth, through improved retention and activation opportunities, as well as clues to what will work for new customer acquisition channels.

This is the subject of our upcoming webinar with UserTesting.com on January 21, 2014. Our CEO, Sean, will show you how understanding your existing users can unlock growth opportunities for your business.  Space is limited, so we recommend grabbing your seat now, before they’re gone. If you’re responsible for growth at your company, you’ll want to tune in.

Sean will cover a variety of topics and provide you with actionable takeaways that you can use to find upside from your current audience, including:

  • Going beyond analytics to insights—how to get into the heads of your existing customers to learn what really matters to them.
  • Uncover barriers in your funnel—find what’s really preventing conversions so that you can improve and optimize your website performance by segment and traffic channel.
  • Discover aha moments—learn what makes your product valuable for your visitors so you can hone your efforts from website optimization, to messaging, to channel selection, and get more of the right people to your aha moment.
  • Determine what tests to run—focus your conversion optimization efforts around the tests that will really move the needle for your business.

It’s easy to go chasing new channels for acquisition, but if you don’t have a deep understanding of your existing user base and traffic, you’re simply pouring more water through a leaky funnel. Join us for this 1-hour webinar on January 21, 2014 and start your year off with new growth insights that can help drive your business in the new year.

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