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5 Products Brought to Life by Consumer Feedback

It is imperative to collect consumer feedback if you’re a company looking to shift and grow along with consumers’ needs. However, it’s not enough to simply collect feedback: consumer voices must be brought to the forefront of your business through action. Gathering feedback, analyzing those concerns and executing solutions to their pain points is where the real magic happens. These five products were born of this execution.

Amazon Prime


Ecommerce giant Amazon struck gold with their annual membership service, Amazon Prime. The service was born from a brainstorming session behind CEO Jeff Bezos’ Washington home back in the early 2000s. The team aimed to increase customer loyalty by solving one of their biggest customer complaints: shipping costs. There are tens of millions of Amazon Prime users today; it seems the Amazon team hit the nail on the head by addressing this consumer need.

Art.com ArtView


Art.com, the ecommerce art sales platform, used Qualaroo to collect consumer feedback on ArtView, their new gallery wall product. ArtView utilizes a buzzed-about ARKit allowing consumers to virtually plan out their own gallery wall using just their smartphone and a blank wall. While Art.com’s product development team used the information to validate a need for solutions in executing a brilliant gallery wall, the biggest beneficiary was Art.com’s marketing and PR teams. Those customer insights were key in how those teams positioned ArtView to their consumer base.



This streaming entertainment company probably knows more about you than you do about yourself. While Netflix gathers customer feedback more passively (such as number of minutes watched) rather than through an overt survey, they use that information extensively to provide personalized show recommendations in your queue. This is one of the reasons your Netflix landing page might differ from your friend’s. Furthermore, these customer insights in aggregate have assisted with guiding studio decisions on what shows to produce because the Netflix team already knows what shows will be hits based on the information they’ve gathered.



If Netflix is listening to what you watch, HoverPin is listening to almost everything else. This app integrates your specific interests into a personalized map. When you check HoverPin for lunch options in your area, the app is designed to show you the great sushi spot you’ll love instead of the four fast-food chains you can’t stand. This model uses constant feedback from the customer based on their actions, tendencies and preferences.  

Domino’s Hotspots


Sometimes consumer feedback can also come by way of your employees. Domino’s Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney said,

“Every person at [Domino’s] has at some point wanted to get pizza delivered to somewhere where they couldn’t.”

With 60% of Domino’s customers ordering food online, the company realized that there was an opportunity to have pizzas delivered to an “address-less” spot, such as a park or outdoor landmark. To solve this issue, the company turned food delivery on its head, allowing orders to be sent to local “hotspots” instead of a traditional address. The result? Pizza lovers no longer have to be tethered to a physical address to get their favorite pie.

Seek First to Understand

Each company created these products to solve a fundamental problem for their users. When customer feedback is actually acted upon instead of just gathered, your company can achieve massive breakthroughs. But, you must first seek to understand.

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