Voice of the customer: Locating most passionate customers

Why this survey is important:

This survey is our CEO's favorite to run, and has a variety of application. Basically, knowing who your most loyal customers are, and why they love your product so much is key to getting more customers like those people.

What you could do with the responses:

Uncover the differences between people who are highly engaged with your product, and those who just churned. Incorporate this material into idle customer outreach. Find potential Beta-testers for new features. Identify possible leads for Case Studies. Uncover creative uses of your product to show-case on Product Marketing pages. Gather feedback that Marketing and Sales could use as hooks to convert leads. Uncover frustrations customers have with the product, or missing/under developed features. Uncover confusion over certain features. The list goes on!


How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use our product?

Follow-up question:


Where to target it:

Logged in visitors. If you have a dashboard, or main area users see right after they login, that's the best place to put this.

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