Voice of the customer: Net Promoter Score®

Why this survey is important:

NPS® surveys are great to always have running on your site. Our NPS® surveys not only allow you to capture your NPS® score, but they give you the flexibility to ask follow up questions to learn more about why people are giving you the scores that they are.

What you could do with the responses:

Expect there will be a steep drop-off at the write-in portion, but that’s the part of the survey you’ll want to pay attention to. Over time you should start seeing tends regarding the most common frustrations, and your biggest selling points. People also really like being able to highlight a high NPS® rating on their product marketing pages as a selling point.


What is the likelihood that you would recommend our product to a friend or colleague?

Follow-up question:

What is the reason for your answer?

Where to target it:

Returning visitor that came directly to your site with a 3-5 second page level delay.

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