Using exit surveys to uncover why potential buyers aren't converting

Why this survey is important:

When it comes to improving your conversion rates, the most obvious place to start is with the group that has items in their shopping cart, but abandon the purchasing process. Surveying this group to understand the common reasons behind why they add items to their cart, but don’t finish the purchase, can have a dramatic impact on your business

What you could do with the responses:

For those indicating pricing and shipping are concerns, create a second message screen with a promo code to entice them to complete their purchase. Use the responses from the write-ins to promote aspects that customers say would help drive their conversion.


If you don’t plan make a purchase today, can you tell us why not?

Follow-up question:

What would have convinced you to complete the purchase?

Where to target it:

Only the shopping cart, survey triggers when the visitors attempts to leave the page

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