Investigating why bounce rate is so high

Why this survey is important:

When it comes to landing pages, it’s all about expectations. Whatever enticed that visitor to click on the link or ad that brought them to a specific page plays a huge part in setting the visitor up for the initial experience with your site and products. If the visitor's expectations aren’t met, or they don’t immediately see the appeal in staying on your site longer, they’ll leave. Asking people if their expectations were met, combined with the referrer data, will give you better insight into what went wrong with that visitors experience.

What you could do with the responses:

Look for trends between the referring path for individual responses, and what people indicate they expected to find on those pages. You can then create custom landing pages to test just for those referring paths to see if that impacts the bounce rate.


Did this page meet your expectations?

Follow-up question:

What did you expect to find on this page?

Where to target it:

Use our advanced URL targeting to focus only on the pages with the highest bounce rate, focus on external traffic sources, then trigger the survey when the visitor attempts to leave the page.

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