Create a continuous feedback loop with Net Promoter Score (NPS) and create call-to-actions based on responses. 

Increase Mobile App User Engagement  

Seamless, intelligently timed and mobile optimized complements your mobile experience, doesn't disrupt it. 

Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Trigger feedback engagements as your app is being used to reveal the needs of your customers.

Activation on Feedback in Realtime

Gain valuable insights from your mobile app users with Qualaroo's iOS and Android SDK

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Create a cohesive experience from your mobile app to web.

Over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Get your mobile app in front of your mobile web visitors:

• Create a mobile app announcement targeted to your mobile web visitors 

• Understand behaviors of visitors coming from your mobile app to mobile web and vice versa

• Make your mobile app a integral part of the user experience

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