Easy Implementation

Start gaining insights in under 10 minutes.

With just a few lines of code, you can implement a real-time feedback platform onto your website or mobile application. While easy to implement, the real power of Qualaroo comes from its ability to deeply integrate with your application to better understand what your users are doing in the moment.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Uncover sentiment, emotion and keyword clouds from feedback text – automatically.

Analyzing open-ended responses is time consuming – but important. To help, Qualaroo provides powerful sentiment analysis—powered by IBM Watson—to help you make decisions in real-time based on the feedback collected. With keyword analysis and emotional scores, you can create unique experiences for customers based on how they feel about your product or service.

The Qualaroo API: Stream data between
Qualaroo and your content or app

Let your app tell Qualaroo what to ask—and when to ask it. Use the responses you receive to trigger new actions in your application. A smart and automated, real-time feedback loop is the holy grail of decision science—and it’s all made possible through the comprehensive Qualaroo API.

Qualaroo Mobile SDKs: Get in-app feedback from mobile users

Qualaroo offers a mobile SDK for both iOS and Android devices. These high performing mobile SDK’s are easy to use and make it simple to build a real-time feedback platform directly into your mobile applications. Create a continuous feedback loop across all devices, from desktop to mobile.
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Cookie Targeting

Precision targeting and responses

Engage with users intelligently by adapting to what actions they’ve taken on your website or in app such as which items are in their cart or what button they’ve clicked. If you have a variety of cookies already set up on your website, you can target users by the parameters within these cookies without having to do any extra development work. Simply collect the name and value in your dashboard. More personalization means better conversion and
engagement rates.

Custom Properties

Combine metadata and feedback for full context

Metadata enables companies to add context to user feedback with ease. With Qualaroo, you can target a survey to any piece of
metadata within your own infrastructure and receive the properties back with the responses. Target surveys to specific segments of
visitors, plan types and other information unique to your customer base. Your team will then be able to analyze survey results within the context of other information and get a better understanding of why certain groups of customers behave in a certain way.

Along with everything else you’d expect
in an advanced feedback platform:


  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Metadata Targeting
  • Cookie Targeting
  • Geo & Event Targeting
  • Identity Targeting
  • Branching & Skip Logic
  • Exit Surveys
  • Design Templates
  • Website Overlay
  • Lead Gen Form
  • Email Surveys
  • Link Surveys
  • Nudge
  • Mobile Survey
  • NPS Survey
  • iOS and Android SDK
  • Sentiment Analysis (IBM Watson)
  • Webhooks
  • Reporting & Design API
  • Custom CSS

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in decision
analysis and can help you design and implement questions that get the
exact feedback you are looking for.