Effective marketing starts with understanding the needs of your website visitors and where you may be falling short in meeting those needs.

Qualaroo for marketersQualaroo Insights makes it easy to engage website visitors “in the moment” as they are seeking information and making decisions. We empower you to target the right question at exactly the moment you are likely to uncover a critical insight. These insights can range from a visitor’s goals to challenges they are experiencing on your website. These insights helps you make more informed decisions about the updates you make on your website – often resulting in dramatic increases in conversion and engagement rates.

Qualaroo Insights includes intelligent question branching so you can serve a unique follow up question based on a previous answer. For example, when a user answers that a certain feature is important for them, you can ask them why that feature is so important. This is like peeling back layers of an onion to get to the heart of a specific user need.

Qualaroo Insights also provides a full library of “in the moment” questions to help you ask the perfect question.

Finally, what a user says and what they actually do is not always the same thing, so the professional version of Qualaroo Insights integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and KISSmetrics to help you identify any differences.

Most marketers have a critical success metric such as leads, sales or repeat visits. Your most powerful asset for impacting that metric is your website, but the website has often been “off limits” for marketers or at the very least marketers need to beg IT for help. Qualaroo Enterprise empowers you to build programs that drive conversions on your website without ongoing help from IT.

Qualaroo Enterprise allows you to target calls to action based on a specific user’s needs. These needs and opportunities are often uncovered through questions.

Qualaroo also empowers you to use a question based approach to tactfully inform prospects about your product capabilities. When they identify a particular area of interest, you can automatically redirect them to a landing page that addresses their needs.

Qualaroo Enterprise can also be used to qualify prospects that are ready to engage a sales person. You can ask a qualifying question and then serve an offer with a lead gen form or immediately redirect qualified prospects to a live chat session. Qualaroo integrates seamlessly with several live chat solutions including Olark, Zopim, SnapEngage and LiveChat.

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in decision
analysis and can help you design and implement questions that get the
exact feedback you are looking for.