Maximize Your Conversion Rate Optimization Program Effectiveness

As online advertising and traffic acquisition becomes more and more expensive, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a critical strategy to drive return on marketing investment. CRO experts are expected to increase conversions from established traffic sources, spurring growth and profits.

Whether you want to determine what kept a visitor from completing a purchase despite adding all those items to the cart, or identify what users are actually looking for on that page with a ridiculous bounce rate, or something else—Qualaroo uncovers visitor intent in real time, delivering page-level feedback from within the conversion funnel that can be mapped and tied to user behavior in your analytics package.

Whatever your conversion rate optimization goals are, Qualaroo will become one of the most trusted, reliable tools in your CRO toolbox.

Advantages of Qualaroo Insights with Conversion Rate Optimization

Qualaroo for conversion rate optimization

Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to driving conversions. An effective CRO strategy begins by seeking to understanding your visitors’ intent and then doing whatever possible to satisfy it.


Understand Customer Intent: Qualaroo provides the tools to discover visitor intent with a question-based process driven by intelligent question branching that lets you drill down on visitor needs by asking follow up questions based on previous responses.

Library of Questions: Insights helps you ask the right question at the right time. Access our full library of “in the moment” questions derived from our own research and millions of customer feedback surveys conducted using Qualaroo to create a survey that works for you.

Get Started in Minutes: Simply paste our javascript code into your site and you’re up and running. Once setup you can deploy surveys as quickly as you want, without any help from IT.

Google Analytics & KISSmetrics Integration: What a user says and that user actually does are not always one and the same. Qualaroo Insights Pro integrates with Google Analytics and KISSmetrics—along with other analytics platforms like—to help you tie user responses in Qualaroo back to analytics data for deeper understanding.

Upgrade to Enterprise to Take Action on User Feedback in Real Time

Prove the Value Your CRO Delivers: Qualaroo Enterprise empowers CRO specialists to build programs that nudge users through the conversion process in real time.

Identify Specific Visitors: Identify and pop Nudges to the highest value visitors with custom targeting, including specific pages, returning visitors, or people who came from search. Uncover needs or valuable opportunities when it matters—while users are actually in the conversion funnel.

Targeted Calls-to-Action: Use a question based approach to tactfully guide visitors to conversion points based on their responses. When they identify a particular area of interest, you can automatically redirect them to a highly relevant landing page.

Increase Quality Leads & Sales: Qualify prospects that are ready to engage a sales or support person. Ask qualifying questions, then serve an offer with a lead generation form or immediately redirect qualified prospects to a live chat session. Qualaroo Enterprise integrates seamlessly with several live chat solutions, including Olark, SnapEngage, Zopim, and LiveChat

Getting More out of Your Conversion Rate Optimization Program with Qualaroo

Qualaroo helps you determine visitor intent–the key to unlocking the benefits of your optimization efforts. Deploy Nudges within the channel to determine pain points, confusion, uncover hidden objections, and learn what improves and hurts the conversions that matter to your business. With a clear understanding of your visitors’ intent, you can customize and test messages, landing pages, and traffic-specific funnels that meet their needs and drive performance for your online advertising program.