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How to Use Qualitative Data to 

Drive Better Business Results

The Central Standard

South Congress Hotel

Austin, Texas

Lunch & Learn

Justin Rondeau

"Data in and of itself, without intent has no inherent value. Data requires intent and context."

Direct of Marketing

“Customers and prospects make decisions about your business every day. To buy or not, to churn or upgrade. The only way to influence these decisions is to understand why they were made in the first place, Qualaroo can do that.”

Curtis Morris

CEO at Qualaroo

February 2018

Mobile Growth Summit 2018 Sponsor

Get Feedback From Mobile Users In Realtime


166 Mission St.

San Francisco, California

Networking Happy Hour

"I rarely see happy hours post-conference so busy here in SFO. Everyone with whom I spoke at the event was interested in forming genuine connections rather than [just] networking."

Ritika Puri

Co-founder at Storyhackers

"Networked with people doing customer success, marketing and product from leading SaaS companies. The vibe of the happy hour was very amicable and enjoyable."

Justin Duke

Sr. Customer Success Manager at Instapage

December 2017

Keynote Speaker:

Erika Hall

Author of Just Enough Research

Surveys are Easy, That's Why They're Dangerous!


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