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The Ultimate Customer Journey Map Template (and Guide)

While you may be familiar with your product or service as a researcher, designer, or manager, you are not your user. Customer journey mapping helps you fill the gap between you and your user’s experience.

In this guide, we provide:

  • Why customer journey mapping matters
  • Types of customer journey maps and when to use them
  • Best practices for filling out your customer journey map as a team
  • free template to use with your team!

And more! 


Includes free downloadable template!

Customer journeys are complicated.

But having a clear path to improving your product or service is priceless.

Better empathize with users and grow in understanding of personas.

Understand and manage the user experience, evenas it becomes increasingly complex.

Prioritize experience updates effectively with a holistic view of the customer journey.

Discover new problems to address in the user experience.

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