700% ROI - How UK-based Digital Agency Finds New Revenue in Customer Insights for their Clients 


“Qualaroo gives us insight into the mind of the customer, without which we'd be wasting time testing things that will likely fail.”

Jonny Green

Conversion Optimizer at AWA Digital

Consumer Feedback Is a Prerequisite for Winning Split Tests

When it comes to creating split tests, AWA Digital views customer research as a necessity. “It’s like saying, ‘How does the steering wheel help you when you're driving?’ It allows you to drive!” Green said. “It's just, it's a no-brainer. You ask customers something, and they tell you the answer. You can't get simpler than that.”

AWA Digital realizes the value of consumer feedback and believes users actually want to be a part of the process. Green said that people like answering questions, and if you ask them something about themselves—like what they want and what their motivations are—they can’t resist typing a response. 

Green and the AWA team value Qualaroo because it saves them time and effort, while being easy to integrate and configure. Most important, it gives valuable insights that would be difficult to get through guesswork. He also notes that feedback is important because one size never fits all.

“Customers are different, even across industry competitors. They each have their own perception of themselves, their own reasons for choosing where they buy. Tools like Qualaroo give insight into these differences and enable us to increase our win ratio, which in turn increases return on investment for clients.”

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