The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 12: Conclusion

Now that you’re a CRO pro, what’s next?

 If organizational support was a challenge, you now have the tools you need to argue your case.

Good luck! Before you leave, be sure to pay it forward. Share this guide with your friends and colleagues.

Bookmark it for reference, and be sure to download a copy of the guide for yourself.

You now know how to build a CRO plan the right way, and you have the tools you need to run the tests that will put you on the right track.

While it may seem like an overstatement at this point, we’re going to say it one more time—optimization is strategic and cyclical. Despite the fact that you’re officially no longer a beginner, there is always room for improvement. Your tested winners may not always be winners, so don’t get comfortable. Stay on top of the game.

A couple of things to remember as you embark on your optimization journey:

  • You’re never “done” testing
  • Guesses and hunches are great starting places, but…
  • Data rules—don’t let opinions get in the way of facts
  • Spending more on advertising without removing the barriers in your conversion funnel first is—literally—pouring money down the drain
  • The spray and pray philosophy is a not a plan or a legitimate strategy
  • Test everything—just not all at once
  • And if find yourself with any questions, you can always return to your friendly neighborhood CRO guide.